Get To The Other Side!

Did you know, that you are where you are in every aspect of life because of you, your thoughts, what you have agreed internally upon, what you have—in your head—deemed is possible? So stretch what you think.  Stretch what you see.  Stretch your vision, and most importantly, stretch what you believe is possible, and what has so far been possible then will expand into and around your life too.             Check carefully where you are at in your life: Financially, emotionally, with relationships, family, health and take an area that is not going well, or that you are too complacent about—and expand it.             Say you are overweight by 15lbs, well, believe that you should only be overweight by 5lb…or […]

The Proverbial Comfort Zone

       How do you look at the word, the concept, the idea of “comfort zones?” Are you in a comfort zone?  Do you even know you are in a comfort zone?  You know: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”              A few of my favorite quotes on comfort zones… “Everything in life you want is just outside your comfort zone,”—may be a Jack Canfield quote. Or…“You don’t need to get outside your comfort zone, just expand it.”—Bob Berg.             What if we, you and me, started to believe, to share the idea, to sincerely realize, that there are no comfort zones, there is no box to think outside of—“there is no spoon?”             What if we all have just […]

Let Go of All Resentment

In life, let your petty, little issues fly to the sky (gone with the wind).  For it is the negatives, the twisted relatives, the juxtaposed lines in the sand, the reset resentment that holds us all in treading waters, getting nowhere, out for a lark, a walk in the dark park, stuck like molasses in a downward spiral, a slow drip into misery, hell on earth, lost hopes from the inside out. Give up all issues you have with anyone and let them go: Release, forgive, leave it alone, make it all fine, with a slight of mind, with a quick switch in your head—a decision to float and fly and glide and zoom past inward issues. Inward issues are […]

Fuel, Fan, Flame YOUR Burning Desire.

Truth in living is that you get what you think about.  Hold in your mind, your mind’s eye’s, what you want to see appear…then emote, emotionalize it.  Get it inside, within the very emotions, the vision, the visualization of what you want, want must be done to accomplish it.  For this is this key to success, according to Napoleon Hill, who was commissioned, for free, not paid a single cent, to spend 20 years, interviewing the most successfully men in American, and to synthesize that information, those golden nuggets, to put this into an organized philosophy that can be understood by any person who has the determination, the open-mindedness to follow it, to get it inside and let the emotions, […]

Zombies on TV: Or Opportunity Time?

What do you do with your days off, your time off, your evenings, weekends and afterhours?  Do you watch TV, The Walking Dead zombie hit-com, more sitcoms?  Do you eat a lot, drink too much, drift, wasting this precious, create-a-better-life, rev-up-the-adventure time? What if you decided to use your free time as working-on-your-dreams time, on a decided direction, a financial leap, a college fund for your children’s children? Andrew Carnegie, the master of making money, the master of personal development, the inventor of the American Philosophy of Achievement, said, “This free time, this opportunity time, is to work on your obsessive passion,” on your fortune, on what you really do not have time to work on during the normal working […]

Create What You Believe You Can

This is your life, stay fast to what you know is possible, to what you may even believe is impossible, for you can create any dream you hold fast in your mind long enough, for you are able and willing and truly the power behind the curtain.  You are the instigator of forgotten dreams.  You can and will devise a plan to get around the wall, to inspire them all, to be free (no matter what) in your head, in your actions, in who you will attract.  “Freedom is your conviction to continually rise above your self-imposed limitations, most of them you do not even know are there.” Nothing can stop a determined mind.  Nothing can thwart a plan of […]

Poetry, Mystic Worlds & Fairies in The

            There are thing happening in your world that are attached to, tethered to the big world, the cosmic, the universal…a series of truths, placid moments in the menagerie and mosaic of tapestries sewn together with sinew and song, with stardust and leftover dusk, wild flowers and hummingbirds commingling in the woods.             Let your mind, your very being, your essence, quintessence feel this, be this, observe the observer observing, see the machinations and proliferations, the scattering twilight, the moon rise, the beauty seeping through a half-opened window on the side of a quiet river in a cabin at 9000 feet.             What is this big world, this cosmic meandering, that gathers strength in spoonfuls, in modicums of humanity, in […]