The Myth about Constriction, Restriction and Extruding Anything

       It is our highest resolve, our most cherished notions to let fly our souls, to “throw caution to the wind,” to chastise nothing, to expand everything, judge not, “throw no rocks in glass houses.”             For the sheer will to control, regulate, stop those from taking too much, point the finger at those who are in capture mode, the act of even worrying that someone cut in line, took an unfair advantage—is what will restrict you. “All in good time,” with a loving and expanded heart and mind is what draws miracles to you, draws circles around competition and releases “wisdom spun too tight.” Expand, exonerate then exile all restrictions from your person, from stepping into abundance, the glory, […]

The Mission of Every Human

       In this life, there are questions that are paramount to ask: Why am I here?  What is my individual purpose?  Who or what is God?  What is it that I am destined to do?  Is there even such a thing as destiny anyway?  Can I have an impact on others, on this world?             But before all of these questions can be answered, before a path is laid out, there is one thing each person on every continent, in every place must discover and realize first, before they can elevate themselves, become a superior person, a unified and meaningful adult.             And it isn’t merely Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, though all people seek a level of security too, so […]