Grow with Light

    In life, in your every day experience, in what you want to accomplish, in what you are experiencing right now, grow more. Growth means what, to elevate the self perhaps?  To see beyond the borders of the ordinary?  And yet, this may be only a starting point. Grow your perceptions of life.  Grow your experiences so they take your breath away, so you begin to dazzle the mind, dangle the mind in front of ideas (more often) like eternity, like grace, the forever divine, the progressive realization of you.  Take that step away from the known into the unknown, into the mystical, the magical and the inexplicable. The next frontier may be space, may be colonizing one of […]

Enjoy #5058

So the greatest word in the English language (in fact, any language) is “enjoy.” For no matter what is going on, where you are on the spectrum of life, look, see, and relish and appreciate and be in high gratitude for something, anything: A straw of morning sunshine; the crickets chirping on the last day of summer, the cloudless sky. The highest gift you can give yourself is to enjoy all moments (yes, especially this moment). Smile from the inside — why? Because there is nothing else. Your life is now, is sewn with the scene of what is happening: So pick a card, any card, 8’s and aces, or a full house — and enjoy it all. And the […]

Be Enlightened

All you need in your daily routine is no routine. All that awaits the awakened mind is quick-print reality from the cawing of the crows, the crickets, the chattering of a squirrel, a fly landing on your hand in a dance of cross species communication. This day pray for more mystical experiences, a divine chime, a remind sign, a personal awakening where you realize: “I am not sleeping anymore.” Try on cosmic consciousness for size — a tender and laughing “realize” and you will titillate along the morning hours. You will soar in the quaking noon, and you will laugh inside the twilight. Today is your awakening, it is your connecting to something supreme, so over-the- top that the best […]

Don’t Let The Swamp Drain You #5054

Ok, so there is this thing you have, let’s call it a dream.  And as you begin this dream, the first thing that happens is that you run into all the dream stealers, the naysayers, the critics, the low minds in low places, the myopic minds with their tiny heads always looking at the ground, at their feet, at the pebbles in the road; you run into all this opposition and repression.  And it is your mission, your divine pleasure, your decided advantage to find a way through it all, a way around it, creative ideas and ways on how to skirt and shrug the system, to fight with all that you have, and make up your mind, no matter […]