Get To The Other Side!

Did you know, that you are where you are in every aspect of life because of you, your thoughts, what you have agreed internally upon, what you have—in your head—deemed is possible?

So stretch what you think.  Stretch what you see.  Stretch your vision, and most importantly, stretch what you believe is possible, and what has so far been possible then will expand into and around your life too.

            Check carefully where you are at in your life: Financially, emotionally, with relationships, family, health and take an area that is not going well, or that you are too complacent about—and expand it.

            Say you are overweight by 15lbs, well, believe that you should only be overweight by 5lb…or not at all, 8% body fat and get there, because you believe it. 

Say can only save $100 dollars a month and that is all you can afford to save. Believe you can save $200, and get rid of the word “afford,” and replace it with invest or something more empowering.

            Take any area of life where there may be a limitation, a bottleneck, an area of life where you have struggled, and turn that struggle into a learning opportunity, a place to examine, to use intrapersonal and introspection, to solve, to resolve, to focus light on a dark area so that is can grow, release, expand, change, and you can move beyond the cattle guards that you have placed in your mind.

            Most people probably may not even know what a cattle guard is these days, but when I grew up there was what we called BLM land—Bureau of Land Management.  The ranchers could use that government land for grazing their cattle in the summer.  There would be metal strips, parallel, in the dirt roads about a few inches apart, and the cows would be afraid to walk over them, and it kept them in the pastures that had fences but no gates on these high country roads.

            There are even cattle guards that are not made of metal, that on paved roads are just painted yellow strips/lines and the cow are still afraid to cross these illusions.

            So, we too have cattle guards, illusions, limitations, lines drawn in our heads, places we fear to cross, so that we can stay safe in the self-created pastures in our minds.

            Find one of these limits, think about it, realize it, and walk over that cattle guard and into a larger reality, a new state of being, of feeling, of getting, of becoming…and your world will grow, you personally will grow.  You will release the endorphins and be exhilarated.

            Many years ago, I walked down the Colorado River on a vigil, from a very small town called Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah…this was miles and miles in absolute seclusion and backcountry. 

Before I left a local told me, never, never try to cross or swim across the Colorado River; there are fast and dangerous undercurrents and you surely will die.

            Well for days and days I walked along the river, up and along the cliffs when it wasn’t possible to make it past the sheer cliffs and underbrush.  After ten days I hadn’t see a single person, was out of food and water, and on the other side of the river I saw a road with cars.

If only I could get across the river, I could survive, eat, hitch a ride to Moab. So I put all my clothes and backpack in a plastic tarp, jumped in the river, and began to swim the rapid currents, thinking the whole time, I may not make it, remembering that limit put in my head by that man—“The Colorado River is dangerous, no treacherous.” 

But, guess what? I did make it and got to the other side, completely ecstatic, excited, inspired.

            Isn’t it time for you to get to the other side?