Electric Bikes, Tesla Autos, and A Conductor of the Boulder Symphony Buying a Pad Prague.

Do you know who you don’t know?  Do you even realize the thin venire you have slopped over your latent potential?  Do you, would you, could you ride a bike, an electric bike down the crowded streets in Boulder while the blooms flower all over the place, the air is sweet, and just moments away in early June it is snowing at 11,000 feet all over the white, mountain goats. It is time to raise up your mind, to let out our consciousness, to walk the dog, eat a peach, rewind time and begin more intelligently again. Yes, I saw the 2013 Tesla, black, sleek, parked on the street.  And yes it was someone’s dream come true, a man’s determined […]

Drag and Drop Your Dream into Reality

So you have a dream, a desire, a wish, an intension…good—that is where to start?  Now it is your mission, your highest aspiration, to watch this dream be dragged, pushed, forced, intended, anticipated into the material world.  Now watch it come into fruition.  Let your personal power never cower.  Engage all that you are, all that you have, your skills, your spirit, your love, to transcend that dream and drag and drop it into reality. Why must you do this?  What is the main purpose for you to see the ethereal dreaming show up in concrete reality?  Read on. Many try, many fail, many do and many do not.  Your mission for the rest of your life is to find […]

Choice is the Sickness of the Mind

Have you ever thought that if you had no options, if you were 100% committed to a dream, a direction, a path, a decision, then…you could not fail? I once had a professor in college, probably one of the most compelling teachers ever, who taught philosophy, and he would stand on his desk when doing his lecture on Zen Buddhism.  One of his favorite quotes was just this: “Choice is the sickness of the mind.” What does that mean?  Do we not all want many options, many avenues to go down and many fun choices in our lives?  Yes, but…. Yes, but if you are so filled with too many options and ideas, if you are an entrepreneur and you […]

Never Back Off

Never Back Off                This is your life, your dream, your creation, your legacy, your world, your impact, your day in the sun—so never, never back off, back down, back away from your dreams. Your mission is not to dream, but to activate your dreams, to accomplish, to make happen, to create, to have your dreams show up in reality, your desires, your causes that will create a tsunami, a wave of change, that ripple effect felt throughout all the oceans of the world. Never back off.  Never stay put. Never place it safe. Never tread water.  Never hold on to some slight accomplishment when you still have so far to go, so much more to do, so many emotions to […]

Are You 100% In?

To create a world of pure success, of happiness and bliss, to realize all your dreams, to make them come true, to invent, contemplate and engage and overcome and solve and resolve and inspire and aspire, you need to be all in; and what does that really mean? According to the most successful people in the world who talk on success, be it Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Kevin Trudeau, Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber, Brad Sugars, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie (to name a few), you need to create, manufacture, fan the flame of a burning desire, an obsessive passion, and create a searing focus of a major definite purpose, and then go for it—get 100% in. This […]

Look Up!

If you want a perspective that is powerful, if you would like to see from here to eternity, if you have lost sight of meaning, purpose, awe and wonder, if you need a recall, a reminder, a way to bless all that is, then look up. Really look and see and become connected to the celestial world, the shy moon that is like a fingernail on the western horizon, the stars that come out each night that you forget to even gaze upon, the sun with its warmth and the exploding color as it sets, the clouds with their puffy beauty, magical and white. The entire universe is spilling over into earth, spaceship earth Bucky, this blue/green planet…so you do […]

Who Do You Need…To Lead?

Why do you want to be a leader?  You may not think you need to be, don’t have a lot of people that depend on you. In fact, what is a leader?  What do they do?  Why do they do it?  And who do they need or want to lead and influence? “Leaders inspire to aspire.”  Leaders achieve those things in front of themselves that, alone, may seem daunting, but can be accomplished and overcome, made to happen, with someone who can encourage the potential, the possibility, the success of the campaign. Every single human being alive aspires for something, even if it is just their next meal: Or a more meaningful relationship, a new car, a new job, a […]

29 Degree Beer, a Pregnant Girl Friend and a 19 year old Waitress in a Bikini

Last night I found myself in a bar, actually my choice, as it is a place frequented by mostly men, with young-girls servers, barely clad and barely out of high school. There may be over 200 big screen TV’s, sports on every one of them.   I go there mostly for the 26 to 31 degree beer.  I love beer, favorite by far with the best kick is Paulaner Oktoberfest, but to find that on draft/tap is mostly impossible. So, 29 degree beer is about as good as it gets.  This establishment has two coolers, refrigerated areas on opposite sides of the bar, and there are two neon signs above those coolers that change moment-by-moment, indicating the exact temperature of the […]

“I’ve Gotta ….Cause…”

Inspired from Tommy Barnett of the Dream Center in Los Angeles In this life, your life, in what you want, there is a difference between a dream and a cause.  For a cause is creating a change, a way to influence, to help, to serve, to give, to make an impact on this world. Find a meaningful purpose to what you do, and work with what you’ve got.  You may not have to change jobs, or change states, or change everything….  You may, and usually can, make and turn and create a cause to help those right now, in your business, in your neighborhoods, in your life, in your immediate sphere of influence. What is your cause, your mission, your […]