Get Surreal

Get Surreal Written on almost December 31st, 2012 Have you ever thought that what you see, what you perceive, is but an adjunct to normal, a footnote to the ordinary?  When, if you bend a little, dream-build bigger castles in the air, put a moment’s notice to something fantastic, surreal, phantasmagorical, to the mundane, to what you take for granted as true and sublime, then you will begin to see the amazing bewilderment, the fine lines that govern a world that is just out of reach—much like the Sangre de Cristo realties that are known as blood-red mountains in southern Colorado.             What if today you began to see your fractured realities, your accepted truths, your run-of-the-mill beauty, and took […]

10,000 Feet of Beauty

10,000 Feet of Beauty   Have you ever woke up to the perfect dawn, looked out a window to see snow-capped mountains covered in sun?             What is there everywhere, that you, in your mood, in your next moment, can appreciate…and is that not the beauty that abounds?  And it is not just at 10,000 feet on some almost New Year’s morning, but it is in every land, in every country, in the skies up above, over you, where ever you fare?             Not only this perfect day, look for the beauty, but engage it, sense it, become it, relish, appreciate it, admire it, dig in and realize it…as it hovers over you as the full moon sets, the sun […]

Sailing out of Disneyland

Sailing out of Disneyland Are you purposeful?  Look at the edges of your innate perceptions.  Look toward the quivering horizons, all things bundled up, loaded like dice in Las Vegas, a new day, a slight of hand away. Get on Route 66 and drive like a madman through Kingman. Take a long look up to the stars and listen, wonder, see the aliens in the wide-opened high desert. What have you done so far with your life?  What will you do now?  Can you climb off this stage of mediocrity and scream, rehearse your lines, believe like Jiminy Cricket, “When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.” Drive right out of San Bernardino, to Disneyland where […]

Fulcrum, Scroll Down and Chinese

Fulcrum, Scroll Down and Chinese As I sit, listening to Don’t Fear the Reaper and type, it is 10 degrees outside at 7:30a. There was a 13% chance of having a white Christmas yesterday and it happened: Fresh snow all along the foothills, plains and Rocky Mountains. The day was perfect, with food, glued to TV’s and children singing. But today seems again to be the beginning of purse snatchers, languid mirages hammering out a direction, and a passion for skiing in Breckenridge, where the disconnected dots on the landscape of time merge toward a new ideal, constellations popping out of a twilight. The new year is such a delectable time, where you get to refocus, use as much hocus […]


Belief-Set Success in life, in living the dream, in meandering around the far edges, the sharp and distance edges, is more about belief, not just mindset, but your belief-set…what you are willing to let yourself believe, to embrace, to engage in, to dance upon—tabletops at the next festival. What are you willing or not willing to let your mind believe, to dream, to reach for, to see on the quivering sunlight that is surely pointing the way to a better dawn that is slicing up your darkness? Belief-sets are like your core values, your inner realities that either let you expand your possibilities or retract your days. What you can let yourself believe are the pathways for you, for your […]

Get Clear. Focus. Get an Obsessive Passion.

Get Clear. Focus. Get an Obsessive Passion.  “Sure, I have heard this before…but….” When you know what you want, you can get it, see it, taste it, believe it, go after it, exclaim it, create, manifest and grow it like a bean stock out of the snow, a rose in December, an idea whose time has come—a reason for this season. Too many people have all the answers, say over and over: “I already know that! Yes, that is obvious. Sure I have heard that a million times, don’t need to tell me this again.” But, and this is a huge butt, a giant butt in the speed bump of your life…but, you may not really digest it, comprehend, realize […]

“This Is The Best Day Ever!”

“ “This Is The Best Day Ever!” This is a line that one of my very favorite people uses, most every day.  Isn’t this the perfect way to think, to enjoy, to see, to live? Today, is and can be and should be the best day ever, because there is so much to enjoy, to do, to play…for everyday is another opportunity to live, to breathe in, to run the gamut, to see if you can have so much fun and intrigue that you become filled with pure and undulating and complete perfection. Do you have children, or grand children or nieces or nephews that help you realize this, help you play, teach you the lessons of living a superb […]


Footprints Where do you leave a trail, a wake of perfection, detection, of who you are, was, want to be? What trails will you leave in the sand, in the new fresh fallen snow…it the forests undiscovered? You, this very day, are leaving a mark on this world, who you touch, how you show up, how you inspire those who have forgotten their dreams, those who have been saddened, muted or stayed in neutral for some reason, some excuse in their heads. Leave a wake of inspired delay, a way to add light to the darkest dawn.  Add a modicum of peace and perpetrating contentment to all that you do and see and who you interact with. Footprints of yours […]

Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America Should it not be Volunteers of the American Dream, Volunteers for and with the Vision of what America was built on, after the Native Americans were squashed, after too much of nature has been paved over, after the truth of this massive and expansive natural land has been hidden and ignored and devastated. We are all now volunteers of the ideals of a great country, a place built upon personal accountability, on justice and truth and courage…John Wayne riding into the sunset…Andrew Carnegie’s philosophies of achievement…where a man, a woman, youth, old age, all can excel and transcend the doubts and limitations that are set by authorities and those who are myopic and not willing to step […]

Instantaneous Success or…

Instantaneous Success or… (Live as If you Just got of Jail) What if today you began to see, to witness, to comprehend, to enjoy…yes, fully and completely enjoy every single second from the time you awoke, to the first word you spoke, to the morning sunrise and all the in-betweens? Today is not the first day of the rest of your life…this moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. Take heed, take notice, take all that is given from the extraction of a keen mind of all the beauty that abounds, surrounds and leaves you breathless if you but see with open eyes and wide-opened heart and the awareness that is dormant and latent and cowering […]