Your Last Stand

  Your Last Stand    What if today, this instant, you made a decision for it to be your last stand against mediocrity, against complacency, incompletion, in the forever fantasy of dreaming but not getting the results?    How about just this one day you finally draw the line, stay the course of something remarkable.  Figure out how to push, extend, expand those comfort zones into something miraculous, to do and get results and make changes that actually appear in the material world, in your physical reality.   What if today was your last stand against negativity, sloppy thinking, bad karma, lost hope, slumps, low energy, and just-getting-by living?  And you made this the day where you finally decide to […]

What 95% of All People Do Not Do!

So you have goals, ideas, ideals, worthy causes, things that you know you want and must and should and could and may do. Only 3% of all people have written down goals, and you have done that, right?  You are excited and passionate about a dream, a goal, five goals, 100 goals, and you are focused and filled with enthusiasm, yes? Then what is the missing link?  Why are you not creating massive success?  Where is the bottleneck?  What is slowing you down? So you get a little down, are not excited that your dreams seem not to appear into your life as fast you want them to. What is the missing element that 95% of all people forget to […]

“Believe and Succeed”

Whatever you can hold sacred in your mind…you can have, get, accomplish or become.  Believe in a business that runs by itself, all the while, you are out climbing Kilimanjaro.  Believe in creating opportunities that weren’t there yesterday. Believe, believe and believe some more.  “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Better yet: “Don’t believe everything you believe.”  Even better: Check your limiting beliefs at the door.  Even farther: Expand, stretch and create better beliefs, more powerful, more serving beliefs that can take you from here to the clarity of there. Believe in things you have not yet let yourself believe in today: In perfect health; in the car of your dreams; in a worthy cause or ideal that consumes you—where you […]

Everything is Possible

Who Are You?  Really? You are the most unique model of its kind, a one-of-kind, lifetime replica of perfection dancing in the wind. You are truth enlightened, wonder in lands of awe, a placid sea along the fringes of what can be. Poetry and mystery and lost oracles cannot define you.  “At this stage you cannot confirm or deny anything”… for you are made from the cosmic winds, the stardust of millennium.  You are the lighted world on the edge of darkness that is gathering into a miraculous sunrise—living out a dream and becoming more than you have yet to begin to imagine. You are a spiritual being with thrusters full-on in a material world, a harbinger of good will, […]

Are You Still Dreaming?

What are your dreams?  What were your dreams?  What can be your dreams be now?  Can you light a fire under dreams forgotten, those lost on the boulevard of broken dreams?  Are you still playing the excuse game that you are too young to have the power, too old to rekindle, too cynical to begin again, too static to revisit them? Don’t you think it is time, today, this very moment, this instant, to clean off your dreams, to clarify them, to put hope and faith back into them, to dream again, or to dream bigger and faster and more incredible, more expansive, more elaborate? If you are not dreaming, and if you are not watching those dreams stir, get […]

Learn to Fly

 Before you can walk, before you can crawl, before you can do anything at all, you need to learn how to fly…to glide over mountaintops, to soar the valleys and light off a crest, fly past the top of trees, to shatter all of the ideas, the goals, all that you have you done before, to go where no one has gone before—no, to go where you have never gone before, to rise above the distain, the hard rains, to plough on through, to dance a jig, to raise the roof, to buy the perfect car, to make the money, to change the lives of the people who you love and care about, but most importantly to teach yourself, to […]

Taste your Dreams

             Have you ever thought you need to, you get to, it is your joy and bliss to…not only chase your dreams, but you need to taste it, feel it, see it on the horizon, get so close to it, you can see it from you roof, you can image it, see it at dawn, see it between the double rainbows.             Get your dreams to come to you like a shy deer in a meadow, like sitting in a car you want, test drive it, smell it, put that picture on your desk: Invite those dreams to become real, to be so close you anticipate them, you feel them on the verge of coming, showing up, becoming real in […]