Scimitars & Watermarked Doubloons?

Scimitars & Watermarked Doubloons? What can you do? What do want to do?  Who the hell are you anyway?  What staggering treachery can you play on the status quo, those “languid and bitter sweet” fiends? Can you take a relentless life that is unwilling to settle, to never pander to the middle class that is slipshod?   Will you be daring, audacious, amazed at your own self expression? It is time to stretch all of your limbs, get thy to a rack somewhere in the middle ages, and find that sweet spot in living: Somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Manson, between difficulty and delight, wavering on the edge of the stupendous and the edgy, lost on those eyes who are […]

How Big Can You Think?

How Big Can You Think?         Today is the day to blow out all the limits in your head.  How big can you think?  How “out there,” unreal, in the ether of deities, in the shooting for the stars, in the unreasonable, in the outrageous expectations, in the long sight view can you dream it from the impossible into the possible? Today you will finally give yourself permission to think, to believe, to even ask for a bigger expression of what your life can be for you. The only thing that holds anyone back is that fear in front of the gate, the doubt that the portal even exists to the next world.  Too many are not even willing to […]