Celebration of Elation

           So as you seek and search and claw and scratch, as you decide and wonder and laugh, as you see and realize what is the best way to live, think about chasing your dreams, your bliss, that which feeds your soul, that which lightens your days, and chase a feeling, steep in “what is” to gather “what was” and “what can be” in a fireball of enthusiasm, in a moment of madness and grandeur, where streams and rain and pine trees and wide open skies, and stars reign down from this infinite, universal, inexplicable and hidden secrets of this veritable life.             Feel this day, after many days of living, after all that you have been through, after child […]

Watch What People Do: Then Do the Opposite

            Have you ever thought you get to decide your fate, invent the game in the way you want to play it, so watch carefully what the masses do and do the opposite.  Find the path less traveled, then travel it as you scream at the sky.  Invent a new why, grab hold of something crazy, different and run with it?             Many moons ago, in a faraway past, in the city that seems to be caught in a time warp to this day, the place I was born, Pueblo, Colorado, my sister and I took a class at the local college, and it was psychology 101, taught be a professor from Korea, by the name of—Dr. Mo.             Well, […]

What Do You Need In This Life?

           In this life, you don’t need more skill, you don’t need more knowledge, you don’t need a better plan, you don’t need most anything, but maybe to sip a cup of French Roast coffee, read Dr. Sues, relish the moment and flabbergast your competitors.             You don’t need more money, you don’t need to have all your stars aligned, you don’t need a faster car, a smarter set of great grandparents, a bigger house, a more expensive suit, a finer pair of shoes.             No, in this life, there are so many things that you don’t need to proceed, to succeed, to create more, to have more, to attend and tend to the miraculous parts of yourself that can […]


THE POWER OF YOU!     Who are you, really?  Where have you given away your power, your indelible mark that can be stamped on time, on this day?             And do you even know how creative, how stupendous, how remarkable, you can be, in an instant just by giving yourself permission to shine, to be brilliant, to run the gamut, to soar, to rise above, to solve challenges, to leave that mark, to become the force within that influences—the world out there?             Today, as a comment, as a tutorial for greatness, as your uncovered destiny, what if you realize, discover, become, raise your self-perception into the realm of amazing? What if you start to smile, to feel, in the center […]


105, what does this mean, and where are you on the scale of what is possible, what is seemingly impossible and what is in your head?             Today, like any day, with the energy of 100 Suns, with the resolve of, “no matter what,” with a good night’s sleep, you can and will accomplish a dream, a series of dreams, a fandango, a serendipitous first step, a lark, a summoning of the spirits, a long-haul in a Corvette through the straight away highways, an endeavor, an adventure, a seemingly small beginning that ends at Niagara or Victoria Falls.             What is your age?  What is your place on the time line between born and stepping back into eternity?  What are […]

Hair Cuts, Magic & Cherry Crickets

       Every day is an adventure, just make sure you participate, you enjoy each nuance, each satiated moment: The wind, the skies and the truth at hand.             And what is this truth at hand? What is the reality that seeks us, seeps into our bones, leaves us all breathless, wants for nothing and gets out of town in a flash, a sleight-of-hand memory that justifies these steeped experiences we are willing to feel and see and acknowledge?             So what do you live for?  Why do you exist for on this plane of bewilderment, this land of awe and Oz and ah?  What is it that transpires in a nanosecond, that transcends the ordinary and captures it all, captures […]

Living Free Has A Price

Do you live a free life, in all that you do, in all that you think?  And if not, what areas are frustrating, what laws bind you, what self limitations are swimming around in your head? America has always been pegged, “The Land of the Free,” but can this actually be with the hundreds of thousands of laws, regulations, rules, guidelines, secret government agencies spying on its own people, collecting data, hiring an absurd number of IRS agents, and mismanaging the funds of this country, that this progressive government (sarcasm here) has to find all kinds of ways to recoup more and more monies from its people to just pay its debt. Big brother is not only watching you, they […]