Joy Blog # 5063

Joy is our highest vibration.  Find a way into, within, and be a part of this feeling, dancing along the titillating edge of this freeing vibration.

What if your “only” goal (this wondrous day) was to feel more joy, experience every inch and ounce and sensation along this earthly plane?  What if your choice was to actualize higher emotions of elation, bliss and awe? And what if you chased butterflies all the way through October, picked roses in December, got purity into your blood?  Spiritual purity!

What if you decided to live for the experience of élan, wonder, utter amazement, steeped in gyrating states of bliss, lifting up all the miscreants, misanthropes, guttersnipes and reprobates and raised yourself out of any perceived rabble, dancing far away from the listless ones?

Joy is the evolution of mankind to our highest pursuit, our deepest expression. Joy is where the universe seeps into our routines and throws in an explosion of color, where love and truth, where those stray butterflies are flitting through the cool autumn and you get a glimpse of something beyond human, beyond the ordinary, on the sharp convergence of infinite possibilities.

Make joy your goal; better than that, an expression of who you are right now.  Make this scintillating experience within your reach:  Not this afternoon, not someday, not on a beach vacation or a Friday afternoon or another nondescript Tuesday, but instantaneously.  Right now get it all, see it and feel it all.

Let the rush of this cosmic appeal overtake all your platitudes, your automaton routines, and, instead, enliven your very senses; starch the quintessence of who you are.

This day live for more joy.  Let it flow and cast the warm winds through your soul.  Let spirit and higher frequencies flood your mundane machinations.  And raise it all up into something that is on the verge of never-ending happiness.

Resolve (like immediately) to have fun, to dance, to sing, to whistle everywhere you go.  Give your smiles away to those who have their wings nailed to the ground.

Joy your way, and thoroughly enjoy the day.  Be a siren on the seas, a mystic going in and out of time, a muse with pen in hand writing the story of your life in rhyme, loaded down with more beauty and a lightness of being so you can waft upon the blowing sands of time.

Joy is the best a human can do, their most divine expression.  Get away from this day of gathering distractions.  It is the  first thing to do on your daily list of tasks.

Feel it, let it flow through the cracks and crevices of a fracturing day, as you are being pulled in so many directions.  Joy greases the skids of life.

Let your only distraction, your only place to put your mind, be on joy, on the full enjoyment of what is going on — and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see butterflies in October and miracles popping up and appearing wherever you find yourself in time.