Escalate into Great #5052

Along your life path, these days and hours and moments, you will find yourself paralleling greatness, with others doing great things, alarming amazing things that align with you.   And this is where you get to award greatness, gather everything you’ve got: Blood, sinew, energy and passion; gather your highest senses together and recognize greatness, in those who are unafraid, courageous enough to follow the whispering inside, that path of greatness, that chute into more — more expansion.   And you applaud them, revere them and intensify (in yourself) what they’ve got, what they are willing to do, to express…then model that greatness.   Then you too become flooded with inspiration to do your own spectacular feats, to race around […]

Time Wealth* Blog # 5050

We are all living in Time, right?  Here are a couple of questions: What is your conception of Time?  What are your ideas around Time?  What is the most valuable use of your Time? How can you make Time your friend, align with it? Time is a slippery concept, or should I say, it is a reality and has many aspects, facets, nuances all over the place.  And it is not so much our understanding of Time, rather our peace with Time that is where the power lies. For example, if you see an aspect of Time as lack, or not enough, or I can’t get everything done in a day, or that it is pouring through a sieve and […]

Leave the Door Open: Dance Upon the Grace of Time #5049

Leave the Door Open: Dance Upon the Grace of Time #5049 As you learn, as you wonder, as you become, as you realize how powerful you really are, leave that door open. And what door might that be?  Is it metaphorical?  Is it an analogy of life?  Is it a mystical door where only the sages and truth seekers get to pass into a world of milk and honey, the gates to Camelot or Xanadu, the Emerald City of Oz? This door is real, for it is the flooding of abundance, of prosperity, of peak states of living in health, in wealth, in relationships; it is the door of universal bliss, divine time, where all the opportunity and possibilities live […]

Aspire #5045

In this life, you are regulated to achieve massive success in the area of your vision.  You cannot withdraw, or slow down, or abort mission, why?  Because it is you, it is why you are here, it is your mission on earth, it is the only thing that can breathe life into a larger ideal, filled with promise and happenstance, with jeweled and encrusted gauntlets laid down for antiquity. This day take time (no matter where you are on this spectrum of life, no matter how you feel, what shiny objects get in your way) to clarify your pathways to the stars. Get a fulltime focus on what you want to see have happen: Your vision, your divine opening, a […]