The Power of Your Next Thing #5033

Let’s say you are in a good place, a contented state of mind. You are excited about things, life, the dreams of your life to become, becoming.  You are caught somewhere between high poetry and bedazzlement; and yet, there is a gnawing for more, an unsettledness, a quaking in the trees, a remembrance, a reminder, an allure of things that are still yet to come. It is time for you to take all that is good, all that has come before you, and rev it up, heightened the game, play for bigger stakes.  For it may be our very contentment that gets in the way, that can leave us in states of perfection, that will satiate us too easily and […]

“There Is No Profit In It.” Who said that? #5032

Where is the profit in all that you do?  What are the things that you do that will sway you away, redirect where the gold flows? Instead, find where the prosperity pools up and leaves a swan’s pond? Is it not time to identify, clarify, where all that is profitable comes from?  And perhaps, clean up your vision; stretch your vision of what is possible?  How far can you stretch a dollar, investigate the wisdom needed to let the flow of abundance and wealth and the flow of happiness follow its natural course? Where is the profit in living, in this day, in the place you adhere purpose and ideal to? Where is that flow, that élan moment that lets […]

You Were Born Great #5030

What does this even mean to be great?  How do you do it? How can you actualize it? Greatness is a presence of being, getting into an emotion of winning, of momentum, of being powerful, unstoppable.  It is this: “I get the results that I seek and that I set out to achieve.” Greatest of spirit is realizing a doubt, some fear and that nearly, indiscernible insecurity is within, then intentionally replacing it with a winning attitude, more than that, with a winning feeling, the emotion of greater success. Expand this success energy within you; let it reach propelling levels of piqued energy, higher scintillating projections outward from your greatness of being. And, no matter how many times this doubt […]