Fuel, Fan, Flame YOUR Burning Desire.

Truth in living is that you get what you think about.  Hold in your mind, your mind’s eye’s, what you want to see appear…then emote, emotionalize it.  Get it inside, within the very emotions, the vision, the visualization of what you want, want must be done to accomplish it.  For this is this key to success, according to Napoleon Hill, who was commissioned, for free, not paid a single cent, to spend 20 years, interviewing the most successfully men in American, and to synthesize that information, those golden nuggets, to put this into an organized philosophy that can be understood by any person who has the determination, the open-mindedness to follow it, to get it inside and let the emotions, desires, and obsessions grow it into a physical reality.

So fan, flame, fire-up, drive, fly, soar, become—do whatever it takes.   Be willing to pay any price, do any activity, put in as much effort it will, must and in fun and excited ways, it will take to grow your dream.

Dreaming is powerful, but not if these dreams are left in the head like sugar plums, like wisps of wind, like recurring thoughts that come and go each year, each season, and still they, those wishes, stay out there, in the head, in the imagination as a mere hope.

The most incredible adventures, the most prized stories are the ones that happen, where you get to ride down the street in your brand new electric Tesla, you get to have a nonprofit grow into a successful organization, you finally create a business that thrives as you climb Kilimanjaro and your employees run the company, where you set up a trust that pays your great grandchildren to go to college, to invest in their own dreams.

Why wait?  Why put off the inevitable? Why let the naysayers tell you it is not possible?  Why take a single moment to detour….when all you need to do is get on track, take out a sheet of paper and put on there (in detail) what you want, what your life adventure will look like when the dream shows up.  

For the rest is trying to figure out how many angels can sit on the head of a pin, or the discussions of madmen in an archery contest shooting the breeze….

Go for your dreams.  Put in the noble energy, the delight, the heightened and enlightened cosmic realization, and you will succeed beyond all expectations, all limitations and life will be play, fun, truth and love, satisfaction and perfection.

You steer the ship.  You control your thoughts.  You hold the lever to create, the energy to pursue, the desires to flame.

Dream and become the dream dreaming that actually shows up at your doorstep.

Do this and life is and continually becomes pure wonder, a higher game…what you believed it always could be.