What Wisdom Have You Gleaned?

       You have lived many moons, years, sunsets untold, seasons gone by, new ones just beginning, winters and springs.  And just this one day, just for a slice of detailed contemplation, what have you learned here on Earth: This Spiritual Boot Camp?             What if you took out all the fine-tuned clichés, the overused platitudes, like love all, or give more, or care more, or smile, or dream bigger, or forgive or have more gratitude? And what if you pulled a rabbit out of your own hat, came up with your own wisdom, your own truisms that you absolutely know are true, your very own paradigms for living that can be unique, passed down to Johnny, to the grandkids, to […]

Systematic Approach to Elation

            Everything you want is at hand, is right in front of your nose, is found here, lost there, in a circle not a square, where rhyme and time and sublime all align.             You are the romancer in the hay, the placid seas on a calm day, so why not live with a bankroll in your pocket, a jet plane parked down the street, a sly eye on the slippery side of wonder, a poet who really wrote something inspiring, a juggler in the act of a 1,000 snake charmers, before the cobra was tamed on some no name street in the pathways where the rice patties sprout on the outskirts of Calcutta.             Do a dance, take a […]

Alive? Then What Do You See!

       So here you are today, caught between a sunrise and a moonset, a plethora of moments, strung together in awe, in a morning rain, a lost refrain, a lute, a flute, a song of minstrels, a necromancer in the alleyways conjuring up a good times, sucking on the sublime, the whistle of a train, the ebb and flow of who you are, and who you will let yourself be in this menagerie.             Guide your feelings over the glen, to the mountaintops where the wild, white goats walk rock, where the mushrooms are not eaten, they are taken, amidst the languid and bitter sweet spillover in a new coffee shop on the edge of a lake, in the town […]

Your Greatest Advantage

You have a choice, a decided advantage, if you are willing to notice, to see, to realize what this perfect choice is. Start today to spend time on the edge of your dreams—on what is possible. Think of life as a reaching for the stars, as an easy grasp of the infinite that you just almost understand, as a moment in time where the dance begins, where the muses and manifestos, the paradigm shifts and cosmic drifts…all align somewhere near the Maroon Bells in the Aspen autumn, right next to the great adventure in your head that is wed to a desire, that is tethered to the cosmos, that is expanding, gyrating on a plane that is unknown…but spinning ‘round. […]

Shine Like a Diamond

 Who are you to play it safe, to live in the shadows of who you can be?  “You are a super star, right you are.” You can go where no man has gone before.   “You are like a diamond in the sky.” There is no room in this massive universe to play it small.  Everything is majestic, magnificent, huge, unfathomable—perfection in motion.             For a cosmic example, our Milky Way Galaxy has 200 to 400 billion stars, so there are countless solar systems.  Now expand that and see, just a guess (since we can only see a fraction of this universe) there is estimated to be 200 to 400 billion galaxies in this massive home we can the universe. With […]

Concentrate on What You Want

             In the world of disasters, where men with lackluster characters, where governments shutdown, where all you see is the pointing of fingers and the shades of grey, the question is , “What are you focusing on?”             Think of what is possible, what is fun, what can be done, what proverbial comfort zones do you dwell inside, where you draw the lines, the ideas that are too easily excepted…like a bullet (or truism) shot through three or more generations from the 1700’s and paralyzing each one until it kills you today in the heart of the 21st century on a mundane Monday.             Decide on greatness, on not letting the grabbing little hands of defeat or discouragement or tainted […]

What is Possible?

Have you ever thought about what you can do, what you can achieve, what legacy you can leave, what movements you can begin, what generations you can influence?  Yesterday, I went to a roadside stand to buy Hatch’s roasted-on-the-spot, chili peppers, got a couple bushels. These peppers are now world famous, grow in a tiny town in New Mexico.  So big deal right?  No, I bought these amazing chilies so I could freeze them for winter, so I could make one of the greatest green chilies you have ever tasted.  I bought these chilies so I could see them roasted them right in front of me, smell them, have them bagged in a large, thick plastic bag so they could […]