The Proverbial Comfort Zone

       How do you look at the word, the concept, the idea of “comfort zones?” Are you in a comfort zone?  Do you even know you are in a comfort zone?  You know: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” 

            A few of my favorite quotes on comfort zones… “Everything in life you want is just outside your comfort zone,”—may be a Jack Canfield quote.

Or…“You don’t need to get outside your comfort zone, just expand it.”—Bob Berg.

            What if we, you and me, started to believe, to share the idea, to sincerely realize, that there are no comfort zones, there is no box to think outside of—“there is no spoon?”

            What if we all have just created, accepted in our own minds, agreed upon ideas, socially accepted concepts that we too easily agree on because, we have heard them over and over, clichés in the wind, well-worn ideas, bad wisdom, old sayings, listless adages passed down from who knows who…?

            There really are no comfort zones, there is only what you are willing to let your mind conceive and believe. 

A short illustration of this: I know a man, very friendly, excited person who sells roofs, a hailstorm chaser; and the average roof he sells is somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000, and he may make 20% of that.

            Well, he began to believe he could sell commercial roofs, higher end sales, and just closed a $500,000 commercial roof with a nationwide property management company.

            The best part of the story is they are making him the official contact with all the insurance companies they work with for all their properties around the United States.

            Was this easy?  Not really!  He had to believe it was possible, believe he was worthy, that he could talk with people, some very difficult people to deal with, and to transcend the issues, the limitations, the fear and the challenges within himself.

            When the mind is ready the opportunities will appear. When you are inwardly ready, the outer opportunities appear. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” 

            Life is much more about magic and the “infinite intelligence,” as Napoleon Hill describes over and over in his lectures and books and audio recordings.

            Think outside the box, because there is no box, there is just a fluid, continuum. 

Get out of your comfort zone, because there is no comfort zone, just habits in your mind that you seem to want to steep in the physical world to protect you from the high adventure.

            Believe you can do a thing, and that thing will accommodate a flexible and fertile mind that can grow an idea it believes, cultivates and takes right action and time with. 

Ideas need time to become real.  Give an idea that is burning in your mind, your soul, time to germinate and tend it, cultivate and care for it, and it absolutely will grow into something amazing like a $500,000 sale, and an orchard of many more of those $500,000 sales popping up all over the place because you did it once and can do it again— even expand that into million dollar sales too.

            There are no fences in your head, no limitations, no cattle guards, no boundaries, no parameters, except the ones you too easily (or over time) habitually accept. 

            Accept mediocrity and you get more of it.  Accept the impossible and the impossible will appear on the very edge of your imagination.  Be not afraid to attempt, to rise above last years’ income, above what you have done so far; and then the world will become limitless, satiated adventures, blue skies and happy days.

            Do not get outside your comfort zones, just be willing to identify them, the illusions you have placed in your way, and watch this pure and heightened awareness let these “proverbial comfort zones” disappear like a low morning fog at sunrise.

            It is all in your head.  Believe and achieve all that is scintillating in your heart.  There are no limitations except the ones you don’t know are there, or the ones you somehow were convinced are walls, and speed bumps in front of your pathways to greatness.

            Step into your greatness.  Do it today, now.

Your dreams may only wait so long.