The Power of Your Goals #5004

Why set goals now? How can you get what you want if you don’t write it down? How can you get to a destination that you haven’t set? How can you achieve what you have not yet conceived? Set a goal, in fact set 10 goals that you want to achieve this month, and set 10 things that you will do today to take steps toward those. Easy, 10 by 10, and do this 10 by 10 everyday. Prerequisite in setting goals: Write them down clearly, in the positive and present tense. Add an affirmation behind it. Believe you can. Any contrary thoughts must be not thought. Make sure they are goals that you want, and that scare you, that […]

Act As If … Someday Came! #5048

Not too long ago I was on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and had the pleasure to be at a resort, sitting along a little sandy cove; we were in our beach chairs in perfect warm weather.  And as I sat there, I noticed a beautiful boat, buoyed in the middle of the bay; it looked like it had always been anchored there.  And on the side of the boat was a saying that I thought was absolutely profound, the exactness of life that we all dream about: “Someday Came!” Ok, right now, today, this is your life, your day, your new area of more possibilities, so now what?  “Act as if,” and that “if” will become your perfect […]

By Relabeling The Word “Creativity” You Can Create the Most Remarkable Things #5004

Your life is a blank canvas to paint upon all your dreams; have it be an imagined masterpiece, an invention of your own design. Synonymous words, phrases and ideas that can be the same as creativity, being creative, having a creative mind and a creative self image: Add Your Own too! Insight, joy, bliss, inspiration, dedication to a dream, perspicacious, epiphany, satori, enthusiasm… Positive thinking, reimagining, love, caring, sharing, becoming, self awareness, self wisdom, higher consciousness, inventiveness, free thinking, goals, ideals, individuality, connection… God, wonder, aw, mystery, serendipity, synchronicity, eclectic, enthralled, placid, contemplation, introspection, circumlocution wonder, active conjugation, elation, purity, designing a destiny, massive action… Extraordinary, music, poetic living, tactfulness, giving, sailing, walking lightly upon the rabble, living above the water line, […]

The Power to Stretch #5002

Imagine this: Here is a picture of a man and a woman, two amazingly happy, successful, dressed to the hilt, dressed to kill beautiful people in a long, brand new stretch limousine, and the caption under the picture is: “Driven.” Now for the double entendre, the steeped meaning: They are driven by their passions, their attitudes of success and they have been able to achieve enough success to be driven around, and all of this is because they stretch, stretch what they personally let themselves believe, that they can achieve and they do, more than all the analogies, more than the fine car, the ideas behind the limo, the perfectly dressed, high-level people, guess what, more than anything: They are […]

Clarity of YOUR Heart’s Desire #5001

You can only go as far as your vision will take you. Perhaps ask: What is it that I want? What is it that I want to do with the rest of my life? What is it that I want to have happen? What is it that I can do and only do? What is it that you can do and only you, but — and here is the kicker — if you don’t do it, it will never get done?  It is this clarity of life, of purpose, of who you are, of what you can and must do, this clarity of why you are here, your mission statement, your life purpose, your life’s sentence (your purpose put into […]

Why You Want to Be a Leader #5043

 Who is a leader, what is a leader, why be a leader, how can you (this very day) become a better leader in your world?  Ideas about leadership: You must first lead yourself.  If you cannot lead your own self, from the idea of self mastery, of controlling your own thoughts and actions and attitudes, being vigilant in what you think, the way you act, how can you ever lead another person?  So become a better you, a better leader of yourself.  By that sheer belief, that idea, that inward commitment, this is the first stepping stone, the launching pad, the starting point to becoming a better leader. Why?  Why do you want to become a better leader, or even […]