Don’t Wag Your Tail at 4a

Don’t Wag Your Tail at 4a        Remember that today is for absolute exploration, adoration—and sprinkle that with romance and prance, with rhyme and thyme, with pole dances and slice of rhubarb pie and you might find the silver lining in a golden dream, the end of the rainbow on the happenstance of your last really solid second chance.             Believe, and believe some more.  Try on a coat of arms and a diatribe of not doing harm; a charm in the spell cast dawn…for it is but a dream within a dream that we live each new day.             The other night, somehow, will not go into detail (usually locked downstairs in the kitchen) the dog jumped on the […]

Don’t Let Anyone Pull the Vail (I mean Wool) Over Your Eyes

Don’t Let Anyone Pull the Vail (I mean Wool) Over Your Eyes        Every week I put a different, semi-famous quote on my cell phone voicemail; and this last week…it was…“If you do not go up into the mountains this weekend, you are crazy.” Ok, yes, I made it up…but why?  It is peak week for the aspens turning, for the brilliance of yellow, orange and red colors mixed all through the pines and, at times, covering entire mountainsides that appear to be on fire, and are exploding with incredible fall colors—the dance of another autumn; the hand of Mother Nature dazzling us mere mortals who are akin and in harmony with this mosaic spectacle of another pure and amazing […]

Platitudes, Platypuses and Plagiarism….

 Platitudes, Platypuses and Plagiarism…. Two-step in the coy pond next to the English garden where the poets copy copiously out of Eat a Peach, from an album of the Allman Brothers Band who could’ve stole it from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.             My Sweet Lord was original too, until the masked man, behind the curtain, got George for plagiarism.             You can never be too careful these days as there are nearly seven billion minds replicating ideas off the internet, babes in the wood, those who steal their life insurance policies from Gerber’s; and what can you do but create a semblance of creativity and originality. Black holes are original; try to copy one of those in […]

Perceptions, Vibrations and Higher Truths….

Perceptions, Vibrations and Higher Truths…. Where are you…on the spectrum of consciousness, the spectrum of time, of truth, misunderstanding, your own level of wisdom with a twist…and your alliance to almost getting there?             Become a master you were supposed to be, where the good books talk of walking on water, of blue deities along the Ganges. I so nearly/vividly remember one day, long ago and far away in a land of scimitars and witchdoctors, golden temples and cows walking into coffee shops, when I stared at the Taj Mahal, a beauty unmatched; and there was a full moon accentuating and rising over such massive beauty in the twilight on that very day that was my birthday.             Yes, it’s […]

Our Mother

Our Mother Natives of this fine land had the connection to the earth, to what is supreme and powerful. When was the last time you sat in awe, when were you completely in wonder of a giant full moon climbing out of the darkness on a distant horizon? When was the last time (or first time) where you were slapped in the face with a truth that transcends Microsoft…far, far beyond your human contrived worlds, of high technology and fine dining and slurpies?             Awaken your mind to the seven generations of living, of folklore that indicates, of bees and trees and geese flocking in the autumn.  Feel the winds and the sunshine and touch the soil near a river […]

Live Wide Open

Live Wide Open Are you watching, observing, seeing or even trying to notice the small signs that govern your world, our world, this earth-dance between the sunshine and the rain, the wide open plains, the hills, valleys, the leaves on the trees? The seasons govern you. Nature is you. Though most look at nature as something outside of themselves.  But it is you. For you are the clouds, the skies, the blue and full moons waning, the fog settled over the mountain peaks at 12,000 feet in some cloud city. Are you aware of the bees, their patterns, the way they show up early on the flowers near your porch and begin to thin out, fade away as the summer […]