Yes, It Is Ok To Offend The Spring # 5068

Do not be politically correct, for you will alienate the very essence of who you are. Stab at something controversial.  Invent more gossip.  Eat finger foods in the back of a church.  Call your congressman and woman eunuchs in the lawless land of Butter Beer. Come on<>>>>>>>>>><><>break free of tea and toast, languid murmurings along the boulevard of broken dreams. This day, play it dangerously.  Drive like a bat out of Angelina de Luna.  Be spirited.  Be controversial.  Invent a new alibi.  Cry because you found out you were 30% Canadian and your mom was the mailman in Toronto. It is up to you to break free of ideology and win, win big.  Win like a landslide.  Win like a […]

The Value of Living Large # 5067

Get more done now. Believe in a bigger dream before dusk.  Surround yourself with powerful people before dawn. Get into something more comfortable like, oh maybe, the infinite universe you reside in.  Keep pushing outward on the fringes of what you think you know, and the rest will be songs in the wind, light upon the new hours of the next sunrise. Believe you have a chance to win big, bigger than you have yet let yourself conceive: “Think so big is scares the doubt out of you.” Come on that is a good quote I just made up. Go do some real big conceiving.  Contemplate the great.  Stretch your mind around the sun…a wrap around, an elongating projection.   Then […]

Joy Blog # 5063

Joy is our highest vibration.  Find a way into, within, and be a part of this feeling, dancing along the titillating edge of this freeing vibration. What if your “only” goal (this wondrous day) was to feel more joy, experience every inch and ounce and sensation along this earthly plane?  What if your choice was to actualize higher emotions of elation, bliss and awe? And what if you chased butterflies all the way through October, picked roses in December, got purity into your blood?  Spiritual purity! What if you decided to live for the experience of élan, wonder, utter amazement, steeped in gyrating states of bliss, lifting up all the miscreants, misanthropes, guttersnipes and reprobates and raised yourself out of […]

Focus #5062

Find a slice, a short view, a long commitment to a niche.  See what is it that you can be so narrow at, so good at, so focused on that all else becomes secondary, sedentary, settling along the timeline of now, this day, this month, this quarter…the rest of your life. It is the person who can narrow down their focus, who can excel, can dwell on the most important and eliminate the urgent, that gets the massive results. Find a way out of what has to be and needs to be done, and, then, instead, get to what (your focus is) your desire is, get to what you truly want to get done, that one thing* that will have […]