Have You Ever Pet a Giraffe?

So, in this life, we think about ourselves, our goals: The new car, the money in the bank, the trips, and vacations, and kids clothes, and college funds, and life insurance, and rest assurance, and getting somewhere, and restaurants to go to, and a new dress for the next office gala…but what of the giraffes? Have you ever pet a giraffe, climbed on a house and had one come over, climbed a tree in Africa and had one eat out of your hands, pet one behind the ear like a favorite dog and watched them lick up green leaves or lettuce out of your hand, and watch them, with their long blackish tongues, grab food as if their tongues were […]

Ever Feel Like You Are Lost in A Cul-de- sac?

I once had a dog, a big, ½German Sheppard, ½ Lab, about a 100lb dog…who was friendly as can be.  My mother would call him “regal” as he sat so tall in the sun, his auburn hair shining. Well one day he somehow got out the back gate, and got lost down the street…in a nearby cul de sac….as we could hear him howling. Pretty dog.  Great dog…just not too smart. We saved him, smiling all the way home as we carted him back on his leash. How about your life?  Do you ever feel you are in a paper bag trying to fight your way out?  Or that you are just on the verge of greatness and lost just […]

Success Principles?

Success Principles? What principles guide your life, give you the direction when the storms are blowing?  What ideas, ideals, accepted truths do you agree with, enact, put into action so that you can live an investment in abundance, so that you can create whatever you hold long enough, and with enough intensity in your mind? Who do you follow?  What rules have you accepted as true?  What works for you to get you the results, the happiness, the bliss, the urge to move forward? Have you even thought what core values you adhere to…like integrity, inspired and applied enthusiasm, dedication and self disciple? Take some time to uncover, to realize, to unearth what makes you move, tick, create, get the […]

Small Things

Small Things Most every day I put a note in my little girl’s lunch and sign it—love Dad. She is running today for some kind of charity, and is so excited to win that race, so I wrote on a napkin in bright blue… “Run like the wind.” Can we not all take time today to do the memorable things?  Will my little girl remember my notes when she grows up?  Will you remember something of this day, some memory to save, some nostalgia to take into the rushed and crazy world that seems to get faster and faster, with more ideas, more distractions, more things to do, places to go and things to see? Today, there are hidden treasures […]

Keep the Ball Rolling…

Keep the Ball Rolling… Have you ever created something marvelous, stupendous, where the Red Seas parted, the heavens opened up, all your stars were aligned?  Then soon, you felt like a deflated balloon, and things began grinding to a halt, and you were back in below-average states of the status quo and mediocrity? What happened? What were the reasons for these great successes, great strides, massive achievements, then the speed bumps, and walls, the lackluster moments…the muted energies took hold and you wondered what happened to Superman? Believe, but stay believing.  Don’t get too satisfied with what appears to be massive success, when your are only scratching the surface of what is infinitely possible in your life.  Don’t let or […]

What is The Missing Secret to Success?

What is The Missing Secret to Success? Most everyone is wondering, am I successful?  Have I achieved enough?  Am I spiritual enough?  Have I arrived, become, dedicated myself enough to a goal, to my dreams? What is the missing factor in every book, every lecture, every seminar, every thought that crisscrosses a meandering and chattering mind? What is the secret they do not tell you, that is left out, that is in the shadows, fuzzy around the edges, unclear, in the mystified moments of a churning mind? Ask yourself, “Are you where you want to be?”  Are you as happy as a clam, as a gofer in soft dirt, as blissful as a sage on the edge of the Ganges? […]

We Create What We Anticipate

We Create What We Anticipate Try out this today: Find something that you can anticipate…and what does that mean?  To me it means…something that is vibrating in your soul…something that is so exciting you can’t wait for it, as if you already have it, will have it, so soon, like Christmas Eve, and the presents are already under the tree.  You know they are there, except this one, is that big, giant package, wrapped up and you know it is a new car, or a skill saw, or a pair of skies…. Anticipation is the elation of creating, the vibration that is so jam-packed with excitement, fun, wonder, that whatever it is, you nearly already have, can taste it, can […]

Hot Air Balloons, Texas and Bags of Loot

Hot Air Balloons, Texas and Bags of Loot I was talking to my seven year old as it was time to sleep, and she loves rambling and talking and avoiding going to bed; then she says, “My dream is to move to Texas.” And, of course, I asked why, and she went on to say, “Because they have lots of horses there, and lots of flat land….” Also, her aunt lives there, near Dallas, and they have 5 or more horses….might be the draw. I smiled, being from Colorado, where many Texans love to come to vacation; and though I may not agree about moving to Texas, who cares; it is her little dream in her seven year old mind. […]

Leave Your Mind Alone

Leave Your Mind Alone Have you ever thought (or not thought) just existed this day, shut off all the distractions, the news, the videos, the websites, the authorities speaking into your head, the flow going on everywhere, every-when…and just went for it, did  your life, stopped the books, the chatter, the rules, the ideas, the people who have the answer, and just finally believed that you do know what you need to know, and just did what you needed and wanted to do, listened to yourself, your soul, your own direction, your intuition, and let your mind alone, shut off the ideals, the truths, the pathways and meanderings, and just lived, saw, watched, became, did, let the world aid you, […]