Gone Wishing

The purpose of life is to enjoy it, and when you are trying too hard, too adamant about the way things are supposed to be, the way people are suppose to act and do and be in the book of “your rules,” the easier it is to become cynical.             Fight against this hardened way of being, and find a way to fly a kite, to be light, to add a modicum of peace to all that you do: smile, joke, be jovial, play, look for the good, look on the bright side—for being right is not always the right thing. Do the right thing, sometimes is as easy as smiling, as letting the trials and tribulation and the tintinnabulations […]

You Are Not In Comfort Zone: You Are In A Belief Zone!

In this proverbial life, in your daily routines, in your automaton behaviors, in your opinions, where you are fastened to petrified, old ideas and worn out notions and excuses and rationales that govern your activities, you have put a governor on your abilities, limiting the speed and efficacy of your activities, shrinking your achievements. You may need to think about this: You are not in a comfort zone; you are in 10’s if not 100’s of mini-comfort zones. In fact, might be a better way to look at it, you are not in any comfort zones at all, you are in belief zones, self-created mentally, accepted constrictive states of being, of doing and of having. So first, become of aware […]

Ski! Sail! Soar!

What have you done for you lately, with far reaching recalls from a past that craved adventure, where God is your cheer leader? What have you delved into to, like under water near Cancun, like flying in a small plane to Honduras? Isn’t time for you to chase the jabberwocky, to end up in Oz, or at least look up the word, “Xanadu?” Sneak a peak, for life is fertile ground for the fertile mind that is willing to genuflect at the gates of dreams.  Run the gamut.  Scintillate along the watch towers.  Chase the windmills and mainelobsterwholesale.com sites near the light houses pulling you out of a fog. Live a legendary life before you end up on some ancestor’s […]

The Greatest Excuse & Strangest Secret

Belief precedes everything: Failure, begets failure, and an unwillingness to do something, anything, a focused direction, a massive surge of energy, a way out, a back door escape route, an audacious, adamant commitment to sail and soar, to scourer the mind and kick out the negativity, a resolve so paramount, so true, so clear, nothing, can stop a determined mind.  So create what you will, but remember the greatest excuse you have is the one you hold too dear in your heart and mind, the one that you believe to easily, too readily, the one that slaps you down with your own hand, with your own weak will, the one that is afraid, and uses every rationale, every limitation in […]

VERY, VERY SHORT Inspiring Stories….

Tell me what is possible in your realm, and then read these tales, true, real, actually stories of people I have met, then reconsider, reconsider your dreams, re-think what you still want to do before the lights turn out, before this day is done, before you limit yourself with beliefs that no longer serve you. A 22 year old I met 10 years ago, stretched his vision, and today (a mere 10 years later) he and his partners have created a 60 million dollar company. I know a cook in a Nepalese restaurant in Boulder, Colorado: He has climbed Mt. Everest…10 times. I asked a business associate if we could meet for lunch, and he said, I’m not sure, I […]

Accelerate Your Destiny

It is high time, low tide, right now, no better time than now to get on the rails of your prescribed destiny, the way life is supposed to be: High gear; pedal to the metal; take a bigger chance; see a faster result; watch the universal appeal do in weeks the ideals you thought would take years; watch the impossible grow out of a bean stock; watch things create so fast is scares your previous belief levels. You can do it all, you just need to get the emotions on the right track.  You need to get your “belief level” to exceed your “do level” and watch both create a machination, a dedication, a road less traveled where all the […]