Let Go of All Resentment

In life, let your petty, little issues fly to the sky (gone with the wind).  For it is the negatives, the twisted relatives, the juxtaposed lines in the sand, the reset resentment that holds us all in treading waters, getting nowhere, out for a lark, a walk in the dark park, stuck like molasses in a downward spiral, a slow drip into misery, hell on earth, lost hopes from the inside out.

Give up all issues you have with anyone and let them go: Release, forgive, leave it alone, make it all fine, with a slight of mind, with a quick switch in your head—a decision to float and fly and glide and zoom past inward issues.

Inward issues are just that: In you, not them.  For as Buddy Hackett once said:  “I’ve had a few arguments with people, but I never carry a grudge. You know why? While you’re carrying a grudge, they’re out dancing.”

Go dance.  Go live.  Let all problems, issues, get out of you, dissolve and resolve.  For inward issues hold us back, keep us from playing, dancing, laughing, loving, giving, caring, wondering and being in intense pursuit of delight. 

Life is more about having fun, feeling good, seeing the possibilities, and genuflecting at the feet of all things pastoral, all things sacredwhich is everything: Every mood, every detail, every perspicacious, enlightening, striking moment that hits you over the head like a shockwave…all a connection to the higher source.

Become forgiveness and love and caring and do not cutoff the people who (in your mind) harm you, or toy with you, or do not support your dreams—just limit your exposure to them, and go on to greatness, to awaken-ness, to the far side of perfection with an exploding imagination that forever creates what you desire.

Nothing can stop a heightened mind, a soaring spirit, a playful brain in the rain, in the heat of summer, in the silence of wonder.

Become a forgiving machine, for nothing that you hold as resentment or distain or critical in the mind, can help you.  It can only leave you in a manufactured and an artificial state of righteousness.

You do not need to be right: You need to be of right mind, of right living, of right…enlightened mind.

Believe in the good.  See it.  Make it so.  Let all difficulties, inward issues, fly away with the wind.

Do this and you will dance, sing, whistle and love every minute of today.