Expand Your Beliefs/Anticipations

To achieve more, to have more, to create, manifest and see it all show up in your physical world, it is very simple: Believe more! Expanding the parameters of what you believe is possible—this is in direct proportion to what you 100% (absolutely without doubt) completely believe in. Life is not about what is going on outside, the weather, the government, the state of the union, the economy, it is 100% about what is going on inside of you. Change the chatter, the limitations, the strife within and watch the outer world align itself to the shifts in your perceptions, acceptance, in the belief levels and expanded thoughts you will allow and give yourself permission to embrace believe and see. […]

Lead Your Own Ship

There is a buzz in the world, on the local grass roots level, to find, to get, to be better at leadership.  But wouldn’t it be an idea, a good idea, to first realize, formulate, get a better philosophy of what leadership really is, can be and should be? “Leadership is vision, all else is commentary.”  Leaders see what can be and are absolutely positive and willing to create that into reality.  Leaders make things happen.  Leaders create something from thin air, something from nothing, something from just an idea; they find a way to make that idea show up in reality without excuse, reasons, justifications and alibis. Leaders inspire; they find ways to get teams of people all going […]

Sacred Bewilderment

As you progress, regress, awaken, deviate, become—set your highest aspirations as a bar in the sky.  Detail your plans for taking over the world, or staying put in a orchid garden watching the sun, as you decide to ride, wonder and guffaw, as you do the do the do, wonder, wander, solve problems, exit crisis, slip in and out of the pervading harmony,  and is there not a simplicity that abides by all universal laws, a perfection that permeates all things, all moments, each and every activity and meditation, where the world is stripped down to its bare essentials, and you are lost and found in the discovering of ITs most profound consecration? And is this not the sacred bewilderment […]

Do The New

Why should you want to do new things, to accelerate change, get out of routines, ruts and automaton behaviors?  What can you do to “do the new,”  to notice and play in this new, to fly out of comfort zones, to explore what is undiscovered to you? But first can’t we at least entertain some ideas about change?  What does it really mean anyway?  Is there some candid philosophies, some misnomers, some undisclosed information we can dig at, scratch at, get at with a stick, with the long-arm of the law, with, let’s say a cosmic perception and perspective? First, people, and I will include myself in this and all the other reprobates, misanthropes and mystics you see out there, […]

The Oak and the Willow

This is life, and it is imperative, vital that you stand tall in the harsh winds, that you have a backbone, have swagger, stand for something, and yet, it is also vital to bend in the wild winds, to be flexible, to tack and change and give yourself permission to change your mind, to be wrong, to begin anew, to adjust and re-aim and refocus and be a changeling on the colored walls of another chameleon day. Be strong and tall, be stoic and stalwart, be a Spartan, a warrior, and yet, know when to be malleable, and fit and change so as to blend into a changing world, with new information, as being off course gives you a chance […]