The Progressive Realization

The Progressive Realization   True happiness, true success, true satisfaction in life, is about the pursuit, about the progression; it is the journey, the adventure, creating the adventure from the phoenix ashes of the seemingly mundane. So this day, find a way to be in process, to be in the hunt, in the treasure hunt, in the race, not worried about a destination.  For as you climb one hill, there is another mountain to conquer.  “Go as far as you can go, then you can see farther from there.”—KT The father of personal development in many ways, Earl Nightingale often said, “Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal…”…a dream, a wish, a desire, a higher aspiration, […]

Notice. Look. See. Observe. Watch. Gawk.

Notice. Look. See. Observe. Watch. Gawk.   What if today you took time to notice things you never saw before, things not in your awareness, thinks like clear, red water bottles catching the afternoon light as the doors open to the sauna in a health club and the steam lifts up your imagination as you lift weights? Are you willing to slow down and see today, to be in complete awe, to let the moment grab you, inspiring your very soul, to accentuate the beauty that abounds, that reminds you that you are caught within a cosmic dance, a soaring truth that gives you clues to God, to wonder, to the perfection that seeps into your consciousness? What if you […]

29 Degree Beer…18 Year Old Bikini Girls from Ipanema…and The Number 42.

29 Degree Beer…18 Year Old Bikini Girls from Ipanema…and The Number 42. There is a buzz in this world: Snow falling on the tiny heads of robins—and it is supposed to be spring. There are lackluster drifters with a passion for March Madness.  Farm boys in Levis.  Stalwart, finicky schoolmarms who dress cool, with squared black heels and still leave red all over white papers, still live in libraries and read tall tales of Roy and Dale who still salutes and sing Happy Trails To You. Where are you on this scale of human evolution, within the cosmic milieu…beyond and beneath and before the great storm in the Colorado Rockies of 2020?  Hindsight is seeing back past the future.  Low […]

How to Set a Trap for a Leprechaun

How to Set a Trap for a Leprechaun First, it must be the night before St. Patrick’s Day…and you absolutely must believe…believe in what?  Believe that you can and will trap that small, green bugger. Next you need to set a trap, just like any regular animal trap with a box and a stick propping up the box and a string attached to the stick, or a way for the box to fall when the feisty, greedy little creature goes inside. But instead of putting in cheese for a mouse, or bait for a fox, you put in jewels and gold and maybe even sprinkle on some Lucky Charms. Ok, I must admit I am new to this, in fact […]

The First Step to Wisdom

The First Step to Wisdom Who are you?  Where did you come from?  Why are you here? Let all questions fade into to the night and smoke a cigar, enjoy a scotch, ride your imagination out of town, into the blue, past the gates of detailed social convention, right into the night, where the stars shine, the world is exploding in awe and wonder and steeped contemplation. You, your job, your purpose is to have fun, to enjoy, to have your higher mind take over your stubby thoughts of worry and getting there, so you can realize you are there, the world is…a perfect perpetration of everything you need, you could realize—and with a simple twist of fate, a slight […]

There are So Many Stars!

There are So Many Stars! Where do you live, let yourself stay?  Is it perhaps under a constant canopy of artificial light, not even noticing or even remembering the countless stars that rain down on an acute mind that is willing and wanting to venture into the countryside? Last night I drove to my 1906 cabin tucked away at 9,000 feet in the secluded Rocky Mountains. I got out of my car, looked up…and it was as if I had never seen such amassed beauty, as if I had never seen the exploding and dense awe that is there every moment of every night— billions of stars shedding light upon the searching and chattering minds so often lost in the […]

Contact High?

Contact High? Stanislav Grof, together with his wife Christina, experienced a contact high assisting a person under LSD therapy described in his book When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality (2006) What if today you were so inspired, so on fire, so determined to create what you want, that you actually began to create a wake behind you, a contact high of your inspired sobriety, a way to touch those you meet, and instigate change, a new idea, a notion, a way to set in motion someone else’s dream? Be today the person who smiles and tells it like it could be, sews a dream to an idea, paints a picture of a dreadlock holiday, a ranch in Leadville, […]

The Execution of Fear….

The Execution of Fear…. What Might’ve been the Sermon on the Mount Today is the day, to watch your ever single thought, to not future think about what you don’t want, but to stay fast with the thoughts of what you do want. Think about the beauty and the glorious parts of life happening right now—even better. For all thoughts of what you do not want to happen, are but fears, tiny fears, seemingly insignificant fears that drag down your dreams, and begin creating what you do not want.  This is a universal law.  Be ever so careful when alone, when in your own head, to control your thinking…and light upon that which is of faith and hope and wonder […]

How to Create What You Want in Life!

How to Create What You Want in Life! So, we all have dreams, ideas of the perfect life, the ideal house, the best vacation, the business that runs itself, the ideal mate, having incredible and perfect health. And what is the easiest, the fastest, the tried and true ways to amplify and catapult you to more, to the proverbial next level, the way and means to leave a legacy? First and foremost, believe that you already have want you want, and believe that your life is perfect and that you have everything you need to be on fire, to be inspired, to be exalted to the highest levels, and to have all the tools and resources and energies to do […]