How to Survive Eternity # 5557

In our mad dash, the accelerated rate of the Human’s race, there is a witnessing, a powerful and profound indication, a higher consciousness acknowledgement, there is a good chance, a giant possibility, that you already live, exist, play and run the gamut of eternity.

In order to live abundantly, with stars in your eyes, with everything you need, just find a way, entertain, the idea, carouse with the thought that you are already an eternal being simply living out a timeline drama.

Once you accept this, believe it, realize it in the very essence of who you are, the DNA of your own being, then you not only survive this lifespan, you survive eternity. You bless both worlds: Linear time and the infinite.  Two sides of the same coin.

You survive eternity by living in it, being a sideways glance in the twilight.  Being a spectator, the observer observing, one foot in the personal drama, and one foot in forever.

It is through your internal realizations that you finally become a master of time, perfecting the fine art of being, seeing all the way to the edge of this infinite universe; and you find total peace with yourself, and this gyrating and spinning planet—Earth.

To realize this connection (your personal connection) to the eternal is to live placidly along the edges of gratitude, to give alms, to smile at the drama and recourse and discourse and discord and unification of all things tendering truth.

You come from and are of stardust and sunset dreams, a child of the universe, the ancients’ remembrance.

Dance along the fringes of awe and wonder.

Become more than a one-liner on a tombstone.  Embrace your infinite heritage, not on some logical level, not as a treatise, footnotes and article 3A, but as a deep-felt understanding that you can survive eternity once you live it, become it, embrace all the inexplicable facets.  Then you are the divine, a super creature who can tether its very nature and soul to the infinite.

You are divine light, aplomb along the vast changes.  You are the infinite, itself, born into and out of a profound realization, an internal “I get it” understanding.

And, if nothing else, smile, guffaw, and walk gently amongst the supreme beauty of all things.  Enjoy the divine spectacles.  And get a never-changing resolve of peace and tranquility, placid moments and elongated poetry, muses in the hourglass, all the gifts given to the human mind willing to elevate itself, its very nature, to the highest wisdom.

You survive eternity, by becoming the eternity, that will never leave you and you will never leave it.

Discover peace with yourself, peace with this world, peace with the infinite, and you have arrived.  Steep in this eternal moment for it speaks Truth to those who see its chameleon perfection.