Zombies on TV: Or Opportunity Time?

What do you do with your days off, your time off, your evenings, weekends and afterhours? 

Do you watch TV, The Walking Dead zombie hit-com, more sitcoms?  Do you eat a lot, drink too much, drift, wasting this precious, create-a-better-life, rev-up-the-adventure time?

What if you decided to use your free time as working-on-your-dreams time, on a decided direction, a financial leap, a college fund for your children’s children?

Andrew Carnegie, the master of making money, the master of personal development, the inventor of the American Philosophy of Achievement, said, “This free time, this opportunity time, is to work on your obsessive passion,” on your fortune, on what you really do not have time to work on during the normal working hours.

Of course, time for seclusion, walking the forests, time for contemplation, for renewing your spirit is vital…but it’s the habitual wasting of time that gets you no closer to your dreams, that takes you away from what your life is really about, that muffles your passion.  Do not leave your gifts and talents latent in your soul, for this is the true tragedy.

Take time to see where you put your efforts, your energies, your cleaning off a dream, the stretching of a vision, the clarifying of what adventure you really want to live. 

Watch TV?  A waste!  Take time with family, not a waste…especially with the young children who need your wisdom, your guidance, and you need their unabated, raw, unfiltered energy and enthusiasm to remind you of the absolute fun of living.

Redirect, rewire, remind your very essence that you are on a mission to live full bore, full gusto, to create, to change, to stay the course of a worthy ideal, to plan, to move mountains while many sit like zombies on the couch watching zombie movies, for hours on end, while so many will crack open an beer and a bag of chips and sit fat relaxing.

For in their minds they deserve this free time to throw to the wind, to waste on a
Saturday night, because, well because, they have worked so very hard all week in their jobs, their paycheck addictions, their limited worlds.  Working hard is never the answer.  Living hard with zeal and fun and pure passion on a dream—is the answer.

Take your free time to write a book, to work on a cause, to add value to a new business you started, to fly and take off. 

For it is your passion and your efforts, going the extra mile, doing more than even you expect, that will reap the rewards, that will pay the dividends, that will open the doors, and let you see the yellow brick road, open the pearly gates, part the Red Seas, and leave a trail of wonder behind your weekends, afternoons and evenings as you burn the midnight oil to achieve, retrieve those ethereal wishes and nail them down in the concrete world as real, physical realities that you get to enjoy, share with those who you love.

Who are you to play it safe, to slow down for too long, to stew in a pot of inactivity, to stay under the shady tree when the sunlight is what grows things?

Use your opportunity time to sear a hole through apathy, fearful living, and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  You will see soon, what you believe arrive, at your doorstep; you will see those doors open in ways you cannot even understand.

Get on the bandwagon.  Make it so! Make your world better, more enlightened, more focused, filled with song and happiness and worthy successes that are a lot more real than zombies on TV.