Poetry, Mystic Worlds & Fairies in The

            There are thing happening in your world that are attached to, tethered to the big world, the cosmic, the universal…a series of truths, placid moments in the menagerie and mosaic of tapestries sewn together with sinew and song, with stardust and leftover dusk, wild flowers and hummingbirds commingling in the woods.

            Let your mind, your very being, your essence, quintessence feel this, be this, observe the observer observing, see the machinations and proliferations, the scattering twilight, the moon rise, the beauty seeping through a half-opened window on the side of a quiet river in a cabin at 9000 feet.

            What is this big world, this cosmic meandering, that gathers strength in spoonfuls, in modicums of humanity, in life quivering, in stargazing, in absent silence?

What is the universe, say it again, universe, that extends forever, that is growing, that is too huge to even try to comprehend in a human mind, that is vastness squared, time elongated so far into the past, it cannot be left long in a human imagination, before is sears a hole into utter bewilderment.

            Today, witness this cosmic spillover, this cosmological dance, this bliss x infinity, and genuflect, grace its truth, its beyond-imagination, its sacred presence and let this awe, wonder, mystical gyration sidestep the mundane, and leave you smack dap in the supramundane: Higher than a kite, inspired like a poet, a minstrel, a hobbit and a seer, a muse and a raving genius lost in manuscripts by Buckminster Fuller, or Emerson, the Tao Te Ching—along the Yellow River scene.

            Extend your wisdom to a veritable unknowing.  Let your knowledge embrace the sincere idea that, “You, to date, cannot confirm or deny anything.” 

Be so open to what is possible, to what you cannot yet comprehend, so you may see those Fairies in The Trees, the creatures up north, the white elk atop a mountain, your untapped potential whispering on the edge of your enlightened heart.

            Become the cosmic, the universal, the supremely expanded version of how you have defined your life so far.

            Do this and you will play, sing a more profound tune, be let right into this momentous occasion, happening