Create What You Believe You Can

This is your life, stay fast to what you know is possible, to what you may even believe is impossible, for you can create any dream you hold fast in your mind long enough, for you are able and willing and truly the power behind the curtain.  You are the instigator of forgotten dreams.  You can and will devise a plan to get around the wall, to inspire them all, to be free (no matter what) in your head, in your actions, in who you will attract. 

“Freedom is your conviction to continually rise above your self-imposed limitations, most of them you do not even know are there.”

Nothing can stop a determined mind.  Nothing can thwart a plan of action that is persistent, and has decided, at all costs, to succeed.

            Use your refined personality, use your compassion for others to vet out the fear, the blockages they have, as you rise above your own limitations, your own hesitations. 

For life is spoken into existence with words, the power of the word, the power of the idea, the power of belief, the unwavering decision to make it so, to create what you believe you can. 

But even beyond that, you create what you believe you truly desire and want and can see forming on the edge of what you can imagine, the far reaches of your imagination.

            Make today a relic of a day, a testimonial to greatness, to expand who you are, what you have been so far, so as to push the envelope, push your limits, push the darkness back into the night, so you can shine in the sun, for, this instant, you now have truly begun.

            Take focused thought, heightened emotion: Emote and think and create what you decide to do, to have, and more than all of this, to become.

            Become the light, the guiding principles, the overriding lessons, above the stalwart and stoic creation that can love and give and do and become, all in one breath.

            The only thing between you and a dream, between what you will create and having it showing up, is a decision, a belief, a song in your heart, a spring in your step, a reason to “let tomorrow stir, yesterday sleep and today happen,” to rise above the details, the lost inspiration and make the world, create a world, change a legacy, and begin anew, without cynicism, without a snag, releasing and letting go of fear, letting pure and massive courage and massive action fill your heart and mind and soul to do the deed, to create and step into your greatness—to let your destiny free.

            You are absolutely free to live the life you desire, if you are willing to believe it, to have the courage to get through the parts that seem difficult, if you will but let the purity of truth, of wonder, awe and personal power take it all over the top, spill over into your ability to believe without fear, without contrary thoughts, and to help more people, inspire those around you to also give up their fear, their internal baggage, internal self-nagging, the resistance, and go beyond what you have done and believed possible so far.

            Create a life, a wake of wonder behind your daily offerings, beyond so far, past another day, into magnificence, an extravaganza of living, a momentous occasion, a life filled with harmony and success and compassion and realization for all.

            Touch the lives of others and your life will be a miraculous unfolding of who you are, what you can do, and what you would like to see show up in the physical reality of your perfect life.

            The rest is heresy and mutiny rocking the ship of dreams.  Your ship has come in.  Sail it into your exploding sunset aspirations, your highest callings and become the force from within that will let the outward opportunities appear.

            “For when you are ready within, the outward opportunities appear”…like magic, miracles and “déjà vu all over again.”