Plebiscites, Doubloons & Camelot Damsels

       So here we are, another story about how the woman in the shoe had too many dogs; how the frogs woke up before the last snow and got really horse; how the systems heat up and the universe did not collapse—and you were worried about how to pay the rent, stop the rain, refrain from a single thought that has gotten you into BIG trouble in the last few years.             Always live on the edge (la dolce vita) of a single concept: “If you don’t enjoy now, you ain’t goin’ enjoy then.”—J.P.  “Be here now,” is so old school, like dragons in England that found their way to China to be in parades, then flew to Iceland where […]

Begin More Intelligently Again (the rambling on version)

 Reboot, refocus, regenerate a dream, retool, begin once more for, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently,”—Henry. In fact, there is never failure, just speed bumps, detours and tacking in the wind; it is the spirit that never gives up, that reevaluates, that reminds itself of engaging its own greatness, that will win out in the end, if there ever was an end.  “We did not lose the game, we just ran out of time,” right, Vince?             What can you to this day to retool a dream?  To change course, to reengage, to give yourself a fresh start , to add so much new energy, a spirited pursuit, that nothing can stop a mind […]

Get A Running Start at Your Dreams

         Today, this day, do whatever preparation you need, the sleep, the focus, all your sticks in a row, the enthusiasm, the people  involved, the plan, the dedication, the pen to paper, the resolve, the self-efficacy, the continually reminding, the courage, the negative muted self-talk, the forgiveness, the wonder, the belief: Everything you need to start your engines, to begin anew, get a fresh start, to uplift a wish to an action-packed day filled with an inspired road up ahead, a long shot, a short list, a knowing, a perfected wisdom, life’s lessons that point to the straight direction—a guiding star.             Today, rev up your dreams, and realize it is all possible: The great wall was possible, the revamping […]

Nobody Cares What Is Going On In Your Head

Have you ever thought that life is all about what is going on in your head, and that is really about it?  If you are inspired and full force, and living with passion from within, then the without, your outside world, will reflect that in nearly everything: The way you dress, the amount of money you make, your abilities, or you giving yourself permission to enjoy it all, walk on water, live on the verge of red-carpet greatness.             Now, the big one: If in your head you are in disgust, criticizing other people, running it over and over how someone done you wrong, complaining, pointing out the faults of the government, coworkers, partners, spouses,  children’s bad behavior, have you […]

“Rage, Rage Against The Dying of the Light”

This was from a poem by Dylan Thomas, asking, pleading with his dying father not to give up, not to give up on life as he saw it fading from his father’s eyes.             What is more vital today, in a world of disturbing news, worlds so connected, horrendous things happening, people having the  unaware-habit of focusing on the bad, remembering the pain, those who have hurt them, thwarted their ideas, ideals and dreams, the state of union, the shooting in our schools, and list goes on…. And I say rage, rage, against the pervading cynicism, those being critical, and finding fault in other people, in life, in their own world.             It is impossible (please let me repeat this), […]

Don’t Let a Cliché Get In Your Way.

This year, this time around, this new set of goals, this world you live in, that you will create: “Do what you love to do.”  Why?  Oh, you say, I know that one…I have heard that one.  Sure, so simple, what’s the big deal…it is a rusted out, overused, over-simplified platitude, cliché all the way.             But what if, what if, you really did more of what you loved, focused on what you are brilliant at, become a legend in your business, in your world, and loved every minute of it?  What if you began to make so much money, create so much happiness and satisfaction because you shined, you were the expert at learning, the inspired seer seeing all […]

I Love New Pants

So, yesterday, I broke down and bought a new pair of Levis, and yes, I will never go past a certain waist size, and I am pretty close to needing the next size.  But found the button up version of Levis, and put on my new maroon cashmere sweater, being winter, sported my new black-striped cashmere scarf and went out to eat with my favorite lady.             Sitting in a bar called Baker’s Street, trying to identify the English flag versus the United Kingdom and Irish one hanging on the walls, having a couple of perfect beers made by Guinness, their ale, Smithwicks, and watching the crowds come in—this Friday night frenzy was pure delight. Then we went across the […]