Create Beyond

To grow beyond, to create and go and experience beyond what you have so far, use thoughts and feelings, positive and uplifting and enlightened ones.  For it is more than skill, technique and strategies.  In life, what you want, all of it, is about how you feel.  Simple: Feel great life is great.  Take those feelings to the bank.  Think yourself into wealth.  Decide to let it all spin out into the perfection.  Let that perfection grace a truth, strum a chord within, plaster a scene in a sky-design where you can grow into a thought, a feeling of how it will be, how it can and should be.  Follow that bliss, that perfect destiny, that designed and prescribed slice […]

There Is Nothing To Fear….

What keeps us in the safe harbors, not willing to do more, explore more, invent and create, try and sky-fly more?             Today, what if you stood tall, faced everything, good, bad…the adversity, the trials and trip-u-lations? What if you realized, really deep within, without any doubt, that you really have no fear left, no fear of starvation, of death, of anything out there?  Then wouldn’t you be free to do and try anything?  And then what if you decided you are not willing to  live in the shadows and you can now walk into the light, the rain, the ebb and flow, the problems, the challenges, and go for it, build a dream, a bank account, a relationship with […]

Where Are Your Priorities?

  It is easy to stay in habits of doing and being, by making things a priority that should not be like sports on TV, video games, anything that is participating in someone else’s dream, where you are caught up in the frenzy, the subculture, the walking down the wrong path, putting energy into things that are not getting you to your dream, your desires, your pole vaulting over the barriers, the fences, the walls, the stutter-stepping ineffective ways of going about creating success in your life, in the life you desire and aspire for.             When you are clear and focused about what you want, where you are going, what are your real, absolute priorities, it gets you out of […]

The Entrepreneurial Leap

The Entrepreneurial Leap If you are new to business, or you need to bridge the chasm of the amazing service you have, render and the money and the compensation that you believe should follow (show up) end up as a profit, then read this.             First, if you have a product or a service that is needed in the marketplace, or you have created a way for a new service to be introduced, and you are excellent at delivering this product or service, then the leap is from what you do…to collecting the money, increasing company revenues, putting in systems to track it all, and figuring out better and better ways to increase cash flow, and monitor and track and […]

A 100% Commitment

If you are having a difficult time achieving something, if you are wavering, back and forth, if you know what you think you want, but are having a hard time getting it to show up, to come to you, to begin happening, then are you in a comfort zone, or not in the right zone.  You are in a doubting state of mind, whether you are award of it or not. Success is a decision,   When you decide,  no matter what, at all costs, and you are 100% in, (there really is no 110%  or 150% by the way), when there is absolutely no  doubt in your mind, then all comfort zones, all limiting habits will fade, disappear, be gone, […]

Doors Opening

To get out of a comfort zone, a traditional pattern, automaton areas, limiting places in time, in life, in your own mind, you need to have doors into larger worlds swung wide, windows opened wide into worlds you have not yet dared to look out upon. How to do this?  How to have these doors open, these opportunities to appear, these options to show themselves, as this is as magical as anything left to experience in life…. “When you are inwardly ready, the outward opportunities will appear.”  When you have no percentages left in your head, when you are 100% committed to success, a dream, a place in your life to expand, when you have embraced the Divine (the help […]

Focus On What Is Valuable

Make a list a what is valuable.   Find the people, the activities, the parts of the dream that support this and then the world, the universe, the outer edge of what you are willing to let yourself believe, will give you more, provide more, help you in ways you cannot even fathom yet.  Taste, anticipate the outer edges of what is possible and you will dream about it in your sleep. Focus on what is valuable: The children, the walks in nature, the deer in a meadow, the blue skies, the smiles, the stories of people—embracing all that is powerful: The music, the dance, song, spirit, the philosophies of the ages, then your comfort zones will disappear. Things, in ways […]