Power to See Opportunities

There are unseen opportunities everywhere.  All you need to do is just train your mind to see them, to continually not only look for them, but to see them under things, imbedded in a person’s connections, in ways that a trained and acute mind can seek, learn and grow and create. Richard Branson once said, “[Business] opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” Do yourself a favor, just today, where ever you go, with the people you meet, the books, yes by the way, the powerful books you are reading, the ideas you see from videos, the internet, everywhere you place your attention, watch for those hidden opportunities that you seem to overlook. They are everywhere. Yesterday, I […]

The Power of Overlapping & Interlacing

What is the most important thing you can concentrate on this day?  What is the one thing that if accomplished, if completed to its end, would have the biggest impact on your life?  What is the one thing that is the most meaningful, purposeful, where you can build an ideal, a vision around, that you can see done before you even begin? Every human being has a purpose, a burning desire, a road up ahead they wish to travel, an idea they want to make happen.  What is yours?  What is it that you love to do so much, that when doing it, when involved, when in pursuit, or captured by its effervescence dazzle, you lose time, time stops, time […]

The Power of Ideas #5016

What should we talk about, think about, peruse, gather together and explore?  I was listening to Sara Blakely on an audio program, the youngest self-made billionaire, and she said, her and her entrepreneurial husband (who owns a private jet company) talk about ideas, not people, but ideas.  And, she went on to explain, that when he comes home and he says I have an idea that can change the world, she is excited, believes him, doesn’t say, “Oh, that is not possible.” So what if we all concentrated on talking about ideas, things that we can create, ideas about how the universe works, about the law of vibration, about new inventions, new ways to influence, grow a dream, grow a […]