The Richest Are in the Ratios

How bad do you want to succeed?  Is it merely an idea that you toy with?  Or is it a burning desire that you absolutely want?  Do you have the determination and disciple to create what you want? How about this, from Scaling Up, Verne Harnish: “We have the answers, all the answers: it is the question we do not know.”        I say the question (in growing revenues) is: What is my ratio?  Do you even have a clue?  And if the ratio doesn’t or hasn’t appeared, it is because you are not even attempting to understand it, to track it, to find the theme, the continuation or metrics of that ratio. Why not realize, discover, uncover, how to play […]

Get New Clients? Get an MBA? #5017

Mark Cuban, a billionaire, says his job in his companies is to generate revenues.  Did I mention he is a billionaire?  So why are you not making this a priority today?  Take away all the hoopla, the mystique, and focus on this one thing. So in your company, in your position, shouldn’t this be your highest priority too? Have Fun, get sales?  Get results (today)?  Make it happen (now)?  Help your company grow! Do this, make this…“your main thing,” and watch something incredible happen: You are on fire. You have momentum.  All the birds sing.  All the possibilities begin to bloom.  Everything becomes possible again. Doing this releases tremendous energy in yourself, then you can do all the other non-essential […]