Elevate  #5555

In this life, in your day-to-day travels through, where truth gets bent, where friendships get broken, where dastardly deeds really happen, is there not a piece of you, a placating part, a giant leap forward that can happen in this instant, in your mind, like the Pythagorean theorem, a new deal caught dead in the 1940’s, a change in the weather that has a significant impact like El Nino?

This very day, what is it in your life, in your mind, in your way of showing up to the party that can dance circles ‘round the competition, that can solve it quick, that can get you there in an instant?  Isn’t it elevating not only your game, not only your altitude, but elevating the very essence of what is happening in your mind.

To elevate yourself is to let in the light, the sunshine, the glimmering parts, the essence of who you are and who is right in front of you, and take them by the hand, take the circumstance right in front of your soluble mind, and raise it up to sage status, to bliss, to elation, to revelation, to an alarmingly awakening.  And let all the other stuff fall by the wayside, be forgotten and left to stew with the small people with big feet and myopic eyes looking at the ground pebbles, those poor unfortunate critics who live in circumstance and loiter in the shadows of self limitations always thinking what is surely not possible for them.

It is this very day, no, this very instant, that you can elevate everything in your life, with sheer portent play, with a smile.

I was in a restaurant recently and asked the owner, who I have met a time or two before, how business was.  She went on to explain, or complain:  “Not good. This is a Friday night and look, not even a filled restaurant.” As she walked away, I knew, their food was exceptional, and the place was well designed, but I also knew, in an instant what would get her 50% more business in a month, which could be hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

And the secret was?  Smile.  She had this low energy, negative or sultry attitude that was pervading her and her staff, effecting customer service and repelling more business.  Could I tell her this?  Probably not, or perhaps in a conversation for another day, or I could send in a business consultant for lunch and let them do it.

But the fact is if they would elevate their minds, elevate who they are becoming, tap into bliss, and fun and inspired living, the world around them would fall into place, and the struggle would become a symphony; and the world would dazzle before their very eyes, and the people would rush in and want to hang out and buy long dinners and aperitifs and their sales would rocket.

Fact is, most of us (even if only occasionally) have bad customer service happening in our heads, the dwelling place of solemn thoughts, of dark mental habits that can grow what we don’t want to have happen.  What if we found a way to be daily, moment-by-moment, committed to higher, more noble, more empowering and inspiring thoughts? Would we then surely find delightful ways to enjoy this life?  Would not this world of business or travel or the journey through become enthralling once again?  Could we not attract all the riches and wonder and friendships and opportunities to our worlds simply with this dedication of elevating our minds?

There is this idea that, sure we need to know more, dig into new ideas, new marketing, new possibilities, but first step, first things first:  Elevate the mind.  Elevate the human adventure, in thought, with excited passion, with a resolve to make everyone we meet, every single person, whether the cleaning lady or the political leader, the waitress or the restaurant owner, make them feel as if they are the most important person on earth, and mean it, and exude this elevation of living a higher ideal, a higher purpose, a scintillating aspiration. This will change everything.

And this alone can make the world great again, make you the greatest orator, the advocate of the indomitable human spirit, and you will touch the minds of many.  You will elevate your own self to change the course of what you deemed possible only moments ago.

“We cannot lower the mountains, therefore we must elevate ourselves.”  Todd Skinner, famous mountain climber from Wyoming.

So can we not elevate our minds, our stature, our presence of being?  And through this portal of goodness and wonder, we will become, attract, create, get and dignify what we think about?

Try it right now as opportunity is everywhere. The truth is in the elevation of the human spirit, the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, and the elation we allow ourselves to participate in.  The rest is arguing how many angels can sit on the head of a pin.