The Power of the Song and Dance

Humanity, in all its delightful presentations, along the by ways, in the jungles, peering on the edge of the Amazon, under the twinkle of southern skies in exotic Tahiti, or in Yuma where the sun must shine more day than anywhere, a time before Marilyn Monroe, sipping tea with Lao-tzu who baffled Confucius, or riding bareback, next to Alexander, sitting cross-legged with Diogenes who may have not been the one to explain the purpose of this proverbial life, this effervescent dance, this wondering in the stars, this climbing of Kilimanjaro, running with the bulls, flying over Boulder in a glider — is it not all about the fun, about the adventure, about the moments that take your breath away? What […]

The Power of Sea Lions, Sardines and Steinbeck #5061

Today I will chase misplaced bliss, ting the tinge, sit on a clinker, divine all the divine, all the source codes from Michelangelo and steep in awe. Today, let you and me trample the soldering beliefs, get through the sticky parts and cry a little, in a movie, or on stage, “climb some clouds.” Who are you to stay put, live inside the paint-by-numbers scene, color inside the lines and cower another hour in the shadows of the safe, in the protection of the ordinary, the known, the “I’ve seen that before.” Today, extrude brilliance from a journey to Sedona, AZ or trip down the Enchanted Canyon, kiss some cacti and invent, breeze by and wallop a new recipe for […]