Genetics, Aliens, Probabilities & Time Travel! (How Far Can You Imagine?)

          This may be conjecture, and may be fact, but what if aliens are on planet earth, have traveled here back in time 50,000 years from the future and they have incredible technology, but because of cloning and DNA experiments of their own species over the centuries, have weak bodies and are mating and need to interbreed with mankind, homo sapiens, human kind all over this earth, to create a new species; and they have made secret agreements with our government in exchange for this super-advanced technology?             Have you ever thought how and why there has been such a mindboggling explosion of technology over the last 50 years?  Is it really from human invention, or is it an outer […]

Fireworks Over Bonfires & Dragons In The Sky

Beyond the ether, within the ageless soul, where snakes stand on their heads and princesses are wed, there is a place, faraway, in an exotic land, before the middle ages and Medieval times slew the ogres and the one-eyed monsters who ran into storybooks as Cyclops and Minotaurs and generations of wizards and demons and angels gathering there, at the bonfire, at the bonafide festivals of mead and pomp and circumstance. There is and always will be the sleight of hand, the magic in the air, the lightning crisscrossing the clouds between Chinese fireworks and sky dragons on the distant horizons, slicing the night air into fable and legend.  Listen now, you can hear sirens in the distance, where a […]

Throwing Stones into Eternity

            Think upon these things: You are a belief away from a legacy. What is the reach of your ring of vision?  How long are you willing to dream?  How far are you willing to cast that dream, circles of vision that expand who you are, stretching what you believe you can do?             Your life, what is in it, the moving parts: The money, the experiences, the exotic trail—all of it is but a realization that what you envision you can have and experience.             Happiness is but the extension of growing into that dream, pushing and craving and deciding to step away from the pack, to obliterate conformity, and to expand your piqued experiences of life to the […]