The Power to Produce #5019

The Power to Produce #5019 In this world, in your life, what is it that you want to see happen, to get done? What is it that would be a measuring stick for your success?  What is it that you know, if you did it, did it well, created this result, you obviously would go: “Wow, now isn’t this amazing!” Do you really know the difference between activity and productivity, between moving around and moving mountains, between doing a thing, and getting a progressive result, between playing house and playing to win, between being a pretender or a contender? Today, are you committed to get a result, maybe one specific result?  Say in business, what are the measurables?  What are the key points, key results?  Can you identify […]

The Power of Inspiration

The Power of Inspiration #5018 To live along the pathways to greatness, to see the undulating joy, to wonder and wander and gather and go and grow and forgive and be filled with gratitude, appreciation, to value what is valuable, then to share it all through smiling eyes, humor, through song, fun, and to paint the vision of what is to be, and to see if you can get other minds to catch that dream, to see all the way to the end in mind, is where you can find your inspiration. To be truly alive, awake, evolved and involved, with resolve and purpose, to throw out a net to fish for schools, creatures unknown from the deepest seas, lost […]

The Power to Speak with Kings and Paupers

You live in a world of unimagined opportunities, where Kings are disguised as billionaires, real estate magnates, and people who are visionaries in their fields; and Paupers are of the masses, in the steaming streets after a hard rain. This day you can find people of greatness and/or of meager means.  Why not be able to be of value to them all, be able to communicate with them all, to discover the gold within every person you meet? In your world, see if you can open up your connections, broaden them, discover these parallel, or should I say, diametrically opposed worlds; these people of substance, going somewhere, and others who seem stalled on the carousel of another day. To be […]