How to Raise Your Frequency #5045

First, believe you can.  In life, is it not our highest calling to live in feelings of awe, wonder, where you (the mystic) can gather up the energy, the foresight, the insight, the inspiration to live a full day in states of pure and undulating bliss, then repeat? To those who know this, great.  For others, are you doing it most of the time?  Are you inspired so much that you leave a trail of lit energy, a trail of wonder, an awe about you, a presence that gathers up butterflies and hummingbirds, that points to all the white, puffy clouds, notices the smiles on the children?  Dance on the fringes.  Extend your mind into 150 billion galaxies, and then […]

Circles of Influence #5042

It is your job, your most enlightening experience, to grow beyond your normal conceptions of life, of what is possible.  Seek out people who are expanding in areas you want to expand.  Get excited about surrounding yourself with (and expanding your sphere of influence into) those people who are commanding more out of life, out of their worlds, expanding what they are achieving. This is one of the most fun games of life: To believe you are worthy enough to attract the most powerful people on earth. Start by getting more acutely committed to networking, to connecting, to calling people, getting personal introductions to people who are playing at extreme high levels. Everything you need can be a connection or […]

Thrive If Yer Alive! Blog # 5041

It is all about the energy, showing up with a glean, with a song, a whistle, a prophesy of perfection, tapping into cosmic truths, levitating wonders.  Now, find that energy stream, the source of Merlin, the details on the edge of comets and shooting stars. This day have so much fun you let the universe figure it out, you let the mind open up the gates of gaga and gala, and enter into a requiem, a standoff between good and evil, sorting through, chaffing gold from lead, pearls into more nuggets, the swilling of wine from a pigskin. Doodad is the word, right below crawdad. Haiku and hyperbole are the rants of the day.  Jimmy rigging and genuflecting as the […]

Your Philosophy Is Everything #5038

How you view life, how you enjoy it, your realizations are all put in your bag of tricks, brick-by-brick to build your philosophy.  Yes, you too have a philosophy.  Clarify it.  Expand it.  Get around people who have a more expanded philosophy, those who can inspire the shell off a more empowering idea, to get to the meat, to engage minds, to grow dreams, realizations, passions, purpose-driven missions, to circumvent a social idea until it breaks free into the ethereal. This  is the larger version of who you are, what is possible, and the attraction and spiraling up into bigger, huger, larger, more profound thought patterns.  Get a more generous paradigm of what the hell is really going on here, […]