Your Greatest Excuse

Your Greatest Excuse   Where are you right now?  Are there things in your life that you do not like?  Are there things that you love?  Are there things that need to be changed, improved, decided, rearranged, retooled, remastered? What excuses are you letting prowl around in your head on why you have not changed these things, or killed the dragon that is burning and destroying your dreams? Is it poor health?  Good health can replace this.  Is it lack of sleep?  A good night’s sleep is but a day away…get one.  Is it lack of education?  Education, true education, is self taught and the controlling of the mind and emotions.  You can teach yourself this.  It is lack of […]

Gone Wishing

Gone Wishing In life, in our lives, everything is connected, everything has a meaning, has a significance, a place, a relationship. Find where you fit. Find your highest calling, your most detailed and delightful passion, and get busy creating the masterpiece of your life.  No one will do it for you.  The Calvary is not coming.  You are the leader, the captain, the person in charge of your health, your wealth, but more than that…you are in charge of your bliss. From a speech by Mandela, “Who are you to play it safe,” to stay in the shadows, to run over the same ground, to cower from the opportunities that are raising their beautiful heads?  Who are you to stay […]

Help Yourself First!

Help Yourself First! How in this crazy world where there are a 100 mouths to feed, where there are 1,000 things that must be done, where there are 10,000 things pulling for your attention…how, in this world do you, can you, will you, should you help yourself first? When you are sick, or tired, or distraught, or warbling, or out of sync, or in dire straits, or worried, or frazzled, or detained, or restrained… how in the world can you help your children, your family, the friends you hold dear? Ok, yes, that was a rhetorical question.  To have a huge impact on your world, on the people in it, on your bank account, on your hope account, you absolutely […]

It’s Not Just One Thing….

It’s Not Just One Thing…. Be so excited about your mission, about why you are here on earth, about enjoying every twist and turn, and you will realize, life is not just one thing…it is 100 things—continually coming at you as balls in a batting cage, leaves blowing up hill at 90 miles an hour, like emails, text messages, bills in the mail, phone calls and school plays. Become so excited about the 100 things that fill your day that you hit home runs, solve more problems, create better solutions and help and volunteer and do more than you even believed you could. There is a time for absolute solace and relaxation, and there is a time to run a […]

Confluence, Consternation and Circulocutionary Vivid Photos

Confluence, Consternation and Circulocutionary Vivid Photos Where are you, and where do you want to go…and do you even know? Take a stab at creating words that transcend the experience. Make a plan to make no plans.  Realize that between $1 free piano lessons for a week, and the lazy calico cat that watches the white mouse eat leftovers under the kitchen table, there is a message in this bottle, a rabbit to pull out of an old top hat worn by Lincoln, a inexplicable part that looks a lot like strawberry jam oozing out of a cut right above the eye. Who are you to live a normal life? “There is no normal life, there is just life.”—Doc Holiday, […]

The Value of Winning

The Value of Winning   Okay, so I admit, I am a football fan.  The other night the Denver Broncos, down 24 to nothing, in the first half, came back to win 35 to 24: One of the greatest comebacks in Bronco’s history. So?  So what is holding you down? What holes have you dug yourself into?  And all you need to do is believe, take ten steps backward and all the black cats that have crossed your path yesterday fade away. Be so lighted, so on fire, so determined, that nothing can hold you back, no score, no opponent, no issue, circumstance, no hardship that simply plagues your mind can hurt you, or hold you back, for you, can […]

Value what is Valuable….!!!!!

Value what is Valuable….!!!!! In this mysterious life, where quantum probabilities are like a smear over an “everything bagel,” where just yesterday, I was standing in a twilight parking lot, and there was the strangest sound, as if a million mice were chewing on something, like paper bags: Very strange, magical and I looked around and saw nothing.  Perplexed, so I looked straight up and, to my pleasant surprise, there were hundreds if not 1000’s of geese flying over in multiple V-formations…all so high up in the sky they sounded like little creatures chewing. Now that is valuing and appreciating and realizing what is truly valuable on our blue and magical planet.  What beauty can take you away today?  Hearts […]

Live As If You Were a Butterfly

Live As If You Were a Butterfly  Be light as floating on the first warm summer wind…   As truthful as the blue sky… Flowing as everything in a juxtaposed One… Live as serene as the silence of a mountain sunrise… As bold as a sunset exploding color over a country road As wise as a Taoist monk on a Chinese Countryside And though this is an ephemeral life… It will be as glorious as ancient stained-glass in a cathedral… As meaningful as God’s whisper… As kind as who you really are… Be as translucent as the Glass Winged Butterfly As gorgeous as a red autumn… As delicate the first snowflake in fall As perfect as unbridled imagination… As flowing […]

Watch the Magic Begin

Watch the Magic Begin             Clarify, believe, see it and hold it your mind’s eye and it will spill over into the cosmic eye, where you can see all the way to your jumping jack dreams, to the bank, to the banks of the Amazon, to the truffle world of coco and macadamia chance flavors…because you emit and experience and know it is already so.             Now what the hell does this mean?  I have no clue, no ideal or idea, no history paper on the subject except that Bill Gates has circled the world with his products that started with an idea.  Steve Jobs still lives in the hearts and minds of the fresh-out-of-school entrepreneurs, and Donald Trump walks […]

What Land Do You Really Want to Live In?

What Land Do You Really Want to Live In? In the land of mediocrity lives many dangerous creatures like the saber-toothed “comfort zone,” lemmings of “complacency,” ill-tempered “ordinary,” the sly “good enough.”  You will find that there will then be more lackluster and languid cloudy days. This is where the unread, just enough, the small myopic minds, where fences grow in your head, limits are put in placed securely there somewhere around third grade, and perpetuating myths read scary stories to the supple and influential minds until they close like dark over light, where all the rainbows that have been following you fade away. In these leave-less neighborhoods, the new elected automatons put up bold stop signs: Do not wish.  […]