Sardine Factories in Monterey

       Sardine Factories in Monterey Today, make a list of everything you want to do, steps toward your dreams, then throw it away…and play hooky.  Skip class.  Go skiing.  Eat pie.  Recite poetry to a beautiful waitress living in the mountains….for it is not what you think you will do that is important, rather, what you actually do, what dances will you do, what songs will you sing, what back roads will you take to personal awakening—for this is what holds weight, gives you the passion of a full moon over midnight, a sun shower in the misty autumn.             Who are you to play it safe, not to chip off the chaff, to recoil into the shadows where the […]

Be a Rebel

Be a Rebel             Where do you lay back, play it safe, shrink in the face of opportunity, or limit your brilliance, or slow down in the race of your life?  “Unlimit yourself.”—Jeffrey Gitomer Be a walking anomaly, a cinch in the deal. Do you really want to be a cloistered manikin in the forgotten closet with zombie eyes wandering around?             Think today, “Where can I shine?”  Revolt a little.  Take what is and start pulling pork with it. Genuflect in the summer winds.  Rehearse a great speech given to the gods.  Play alive…with a wink and nod and chagrin grin.             Be crazy, leftover explanations at a sermon you left long ago.  Be a radical, a free mason […]

Vacation on Planet Earth #5051

Vacation on Planet Earth This Sunday my six year old took a picture with a monkey at the Colorado State fair.  Couldn’t tell which one was the monkey. The day before we sat at twilight on the patio of a hotel near an open fire watching the bats fly like half-crazed wannabe birds. We finally ended up in Manitou Springs, at another festival at dusk watching mountain men play dulcimers and sing to crowds of people with dogs, children and late Sunday smiles. Every day in Colorado is a vacation.  What about you. Where do you live? What fun things do you need to see, where the tourists hang out and you haven’t been there for years, or secret places […]

What Have I learned So Far

What Have I learned So Far        Sleep good, have a great day.  I have figured out that there is nowhere to go, to get to, where the world, my world, life, will be better.  It is better right now, in this moment.  Life is not linear, for everything is happening right now, everywhere, all at once, a burgeoning up, rather than a historical recording.             Seems to me, after many moons, many winters, and beautiful springs, that it really is about being on fire, excited, inspired, while the rest may be the droning of old baggage in the head of my own antidotes, that I inject now and then.             I have learned that love and forgiveness are benchmarks […]

Follow Through. Follow Up. Follow Your Bliss.

Follow Through.  Follow Up.  Follow Your Bliss. In you life, there are 10,000 things, no, more like 100,000 things, that need attention: Hungry mouths to feed; loose ends to tie up; events to attend; people to touch base with; life to live on all the levels we play in our high tech and low heck worlds of accomplishing our mountain of dreams. Who are you to slow down, to slave away in a hot house in Kabul, in a sauna in Istanbul, behind your computer days and niche-it-down nights?  Find your bliss by doing the things that must be done, that are fun, that can run the table and make you a million, zillion…a thrillion. Follow up with everyone in […]

The Mystery

The Mystery Look around, what do you see? Do you see the same tree, the ordinary?  Or can you reach out, way out, past your normal day, past the expected, out there into the magic and awe of a new day, a cosmic drift, an artwork of majestic proportions? This very incredible day, be awake, alive, out of hive and delve into, steep into the mystery that abounds. Can you realize the deeper eyes of those who have gathered up more spiritual energies, the truths that have gotten them part way, to the riveted parts, to the cartwheels and Ferris wheels and the high wire acts and the ensuing adventures of a labyrinth and whale-of-a-day that is shooting light from […]

Off the Radar

Off the Radar In life, you are not that smart, not that exact in your understanding, not certain of all the quantum probabilities that litter the universe with or without the observation of the naked eye. So what the hell does this mean?  What is in store for you on the bright and shiny horizons of a new day where you are a slave to activity and tasks and equations that fill your head that cannot explain gravity or the curvature of space or the refraction of time or the parsecs up ahead that stretch farther than your mind can even try to conceive. Be on your best behavior in this universal bliss, and the rest will be surprises and […]

Creatures of Habit

Creatures of Habit Not me.  I am oblivious to routine, to the same, to the ruts, to the same ol’ same ol’, for I am a master of total new living, all the time, no matter what. What habits serve you and which ones don’t?  Read every day. Okay.  Drink a beer every day, maybe not. Every habit can be improved upon, can be better today than yesterday.  And every bad habit, many times unconscious, not aware, not- even-on-the-radar habit, is taking you down, limiting your abilities to fly, to create, to absorb, to gather more knowledge on the information highway that is filled with overkill, high traffic and over stimulation.   And is it really about knowing more that […]

Can you Yodel When you Gargle?

Can you Yodel When you Gargle? In the land of the setting sun, where the gazelles and high mountains loom, there is a place stuck right in your heart, a small little tiny place that can grow into a know, a sober certainty, that all is well, where you can dance upon the land, you can rest placidly in the sands, you, and only you, can guide your mind to a place that is filled with imagination, glee, a first grader’s first day, a slice of peach pie. Gargoyles gargle too on the eaves of Notre Dame, somewhere in the vicinity of the Louvre, along the Seine.  There are yodelers visiting from Switzerland, tap dancing along the cobbled streets drinking […]

Be Relentless

Be Relentless Dreams are slippery, shadowy things, and it takes vigilance, a no-give up, complete pursuit, and a dedicated soul to keep on track, on target, with focus and sustained zeal to see it, become a reality on the far reaches of a persistent imagination. Today, give it your all. Pull a few of those darting and amazing creatures out of the sea of your mind, out of the plethora and plankton days, where they swim under rocks, in a merge and probability of wonder, under, sunder, in the planes of undulating, grasping perfection. Be so relentless in your chasing down a dream, in creating a reality, most others will balk at you, will doubt the very passion of your […]