Expand Your Capacity to Enjoy #5023

What is it that inspires this very day?  Is it your realization that life is an experience, and that each moment offer a chance to explore your capacity to enjoy, to gather in what is always surrounding you: Beauty, poetic moments, and the pure delight of noticing? Notice the birds, the new spring spreading so much green around, the puffy clouds, the ocean of experiences that come in and out of your life, wave after wave.  Should it not be your highest pursuit to steep in the magic, to enjoy with open hearts, to shake off the shackles of consternation, of cantankerous chains, languid misappropriations, and the built-in cynicism, that can (but does not have to) follow you in age? […]

Be Purpose-Driven #5022

Be on track.  Be centered in purpose, directed by purpose, clear in purpose, then you are exactly where you need to be.  How can you get more purposed driven, get into this clarity position?  How can you find your life sentence, your mission, the passion that surges through everything you do? Decide too. It is never too late to be great, to act as if (right now) you are actually filled with power, with your heart’s desire spilling over in glee.  Just write it down. Get it on paper.  Get around those people who have that headlight vision that is clear and cuts through the most gathering darkness. This day, realize that who you are, is parallel, in sync, is […]

Divine Poise #5020

Everything you do is posture, is showing up with lightness of being, is slow go and far-reaching and teaching and soft preaching along the trail of wonder, where divinity is sweet, where truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. Adopt this poise of being, of emotionally showing up, of softness, a willow bending in the wind, instead of the oak breaking with acorns all over the place. Your poise, your presence, you — like a pyre in the sky, your added value and perky nature, your smiles across daylight, your details of the plan, a drink in hand; all of this is your divine poise, where you shine in the shadows, where you can rise above, into the skyways, […]