I Will Retire 5 Years After I’m Dead…

…And Warren Buffet said that.  It is not time to extend a dream, to stretch a vision, to clarify a purpose, to run circles around those poor and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat? (1)  Why?  Because many have stopped too early, gave up too easily, with minds seeking security rather than expression or high adventure on these seas of pure and unbelievable possibilities — found everywhere. Our job (or rather) our burning desire (2), our highest calling is to do something remarkable, now and then, (3) today and the next day, to break through difficulty and get into the limelight, to have an impact on people, our people, those too who have a dream, have an aspiration […]

Why You Want to Be a Leader #5050

Who is a leader, what is a leader, why be a leader, how can you (this very day) become a better leader in your world? Ideas about leadership: You must first lead yourself.  If you cannot lead your own self, from the idea of self mastery, of controlling your own thoughts and actions and attitudes, being vigilant in what you think, the way you act, how can you ever lead another person? So become a better you, a better leader of yourself.  By that sheer belief, that idea, that inward commitment, this is the first stepping stone, the launching pad, the starting point to becoming a better leader. Why?  Why do you want to become a better leader, or even […]

The 7 Day Chunk #5047

Ok, first and foremost, as long as we enjoy every moment, we are on the right track. Second, 7 is a lucky number! With that said, life is a lot easier when you do things, the most important things, first each day, taking the first most important activity, the one that has the biggest impact on your day, and do it and keep doing it, and get it done to 100% completion. Not 98%, but to 100% done. Now go to the next important priority. Ask, what can I do, once completed, that will have the biggest impact and benefit on my life, this very day?  List them, say 7 vital, impactful things to get done this day.  These are […]