Look for the Good

Look for the Good No matter what happens in your life, not only look for the good, what good can come out of this or any situation, look for the value, the lesson, the benefit, “The seed of an equivalent benefit,” as Napoleon Hill would say. Look for the turning and training of the mind to become stronger, more insightful, filled with hope…stimulated to more inspiring thoughts on how to succeed faster, no matter what happens, especially those things that may appear negative, or difficult or a problem or an issue you have to deal with, especially those things that require massive energy and well-planned solutions and seem as if they are disguised as defeat or setbacks.  “For there is […]

A Tribute to Andrew Carnegie

A Tribute to Andrew Carnegie “The Philosophy of American Achievement” Let’s go back, way back, to the turn of the 20th century: Fights were for light, electricity that is, and the power plant to light the NE United States was the fight over the Niagara contract. Edison was certain of DC and Tesla had all the patents for AC.  JP Morgan had all the money, yet Carnegie became the richest man on earth. It was a fight for the future direction of the USA, at the time in the late 1890’s, the most advanced technological country in the world. But Andrew Carnegie did not only leave foundations and wealth, but he left things much more important…clues to success, footprints in […]

Create What? The Future!

Create What?   The Future! Who are you to have the government pay for your dental work, your hospital care…when all you need to do is believe it so and you can create whatever you choose…you can create your own self-funded entitlements. America is the land of the individualist, those who are entrepreneurial, those who do not, will not, wish not to wait for a Friday paycheck, but instead will create the money, the opportunities, the revenues, income and options right now, with a flick of the switch, a quick turn around on the side of the road—a new idea.  “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” What are you inventing….what are you going for…what do you […]

What Do You Attract To Yourself?

What Do You Attract To Yourself? Within you is a presence of being that exceeds, supersedes, envelopes all that you are—once you step into this self discipline and self conviction, this self personal power, then you become what you want,…attract to yourself…who you are. Then the glories and gold and relationships and people appear in your life, come up to meet you, like a Chinook, a warm wind at your back in the winter. Realize you attract to yourself not what you want but who you are…so ask: “Who am I, really, truly…deeply?” Walk as if you are supremely wealthy and watch the money roll in.  Steep in phenomenal health and watch that good health emanate from every pore. Find […]

The Wee Hours of the Morning

The Wee Hours of the Morning Before dawn, when silence and darkness are about to chase away the stars, when you are willing and able to make a pact with your very own branded destiny, when your seclusion and unity reign free…in a free mind, a free world of unlimited possibilities…this is where you will find your contentment and power. This place is where there are no distractions—people are not vying for your time. This is when you can plan, decide, inspire yourself with no one you must listen to, no one to discuss, abort your mission, or get in the way of clear thinking, distant dreaming, where there is an energy that can supplant the darkness and prays to […]

The Church….

The Church…. I once had a dream of man who started a church to pick up women.  I must admit they weren’t that good looking…but man could they sing.  And it was a pleasant dream, filled with inconsistencies, biopsies and trilogies, fantasies wrung dry on the high wire of another extravaganza.             What will you let yourself dream? What will you believe in…on a Sunday afternoon drive, a dog-day afternoon in the autumn of your life? Have you ever compared what you do with what Bill Gates has done, or what the guy on the street corner has done, with his toothless smile, standing next to his scraggly dog, asking…with a handwritten sign…to collect enough change to get back to […]

The Three Legged Dog and The One-Eyed Undertaker Whistling Dixie

The Three Legged Dog and The One-Eyed Undertaker Whistling Dixie You need to find your favorite cemetery and dance under the full moon delight. You are alive, filled with health and wealth and a second chance, an umpteenth chance to curl up your toes and dance on the dead, to remember them, to go down to small towns in Mexico, the day after Halloween in the States (they call it The Day of The Dead) and dance.  Watch all the luminaries on the graves, the decorations—it’s a way south celebration. For if you celebrate the dead, it gives such a magnificent contrast to enjoy and realize that you are not them; you can still walk down the street to the […]

“Art is To Inspire.”

“Art is To Inspire.” Who said this…some nondescript poet and folk singer and rock and roller and American legend…Bob Dylan. And what will you do to inspire…as you are art walking around in the flesh.  You are the greatest creation of life that can and will influence outcomes, dreams that got off the boat in Plymouth, crazy minds inventing, discovering, everything from shoe polish to quantum probabilities, the speed of light and nitrogen volcanoes littering the sky scapes of Neptune…which brings up my childhood books and stories: How the hell did Pluto get kicked out of the solar system anyway? Be so inspired today you can now smoke Panama Red in Breckinridge, you can drink ‘till dawn in some down-home […]

Be Indispensible, Irreplaceable…the Force.

Be Indispensible, Irreplaceable…the Force. I sometimes I sleep in the basement as I need to get to sleep early because my six year old will not wind down and the dog replaces me in my own bed upstairs and it snores. Do not let anyone or anything replace you.  Become so meaningful, so powerful, that you are not only needed, but are vital to your family, your business, your organizations, your country. Do this will élan, passion, commitment and a superb dedication to serving and giving and excellence, whether people see it or not…you see, you make it your duty to serve and become someone who does so much that others are blinded by your light, your determination to grow—grow […]

Castaneda, Cryogenics and Courage

Castaneda, Cryogenics and Courage Who are you, where are you, why are you…and do you even ask these important questions anymore?  In your catatonic states do you see the ravens fly over and believe in signs from God, from the infinite projections?  Do you have the courage to realize that mystery is afoot, magic is still in the rabbit’s foot, the Devil Inside is not just a song, but a recurrence of thoughts that have rolled over the white knight—the long wish in a fish bowl where you and I live? Be aware, alert, descent folk with clean undergarments and kindness spun into the cloth, like gold from a spinning wheel in the fairytale that spins the tales of a […]