What the Hell Do I Know….

What the Hell Do I Know…. “The truth is lived, not taught.”—Herman Hesse It is as if we are in the wild, wild quest, a search for meaning Viktor Frankl; a fight between you and the universe, Kafka; the lessons of the river, Hesse; a way to subdivide and analyze the entire world Aristotle; a dance between power lines and timelines and concepts, dreams and dark matter, dark energy…and the final piece the puzzle: God particles? But what do I really know?  I know that information-wise, I don’t know much.  I know that spiritual-wise I do know some paramount things.  I know that God hides in your blind spots.  I know that Castaneda was a storyteller and that peyote can […]

Think Opulence

Think Opulence Choose what you think carefully.  You are what you eat, maybe not. You are what you think //!@^#%^*&^*pretty definitely. Think your way to opulence, to get the rush of riches coming in, because you believe in it, you are adding tremendous value to your work, your life, your friends, your clients, your world. Every thought is a thing, like a dragon let out.  Put that dragon back in its cage.  Put holy in the hope, sacred in the moment, awestruck in the day, and let the money flow, let the health consciousness flow, the wealth consciousness figure out how to buy you a yacht, instead of a cot, a mansion on the hill instead of the 800 square […]

The God Element

The God Element Everything is God, is the handshake of this higher source, a microscope looking out into the macrocosm, a juxtaposed moment next to truth, where beauty plays, where all that is, all that was, can be, (time itself) is God in a hammock, between pine trees, as the new moose moves in, and the fox are on the run, and the skies scream this is God. Where are you, in this dance between the cosmic and the earth, between surreal and the extrapolated parts, between you and who you are and who you were, and who you want to become?  And who the hell else is there but God on every street corner, between each nook and cranny, […]

Angels Are Among Us!

Angels Are Among Us! Watch a little closer.  See a little deeper.  Realize that even if you may be going through a lot, try this one out.  It is a quote some attribute to Churchill, but I heard it from an Australian motivational speaker who said, “When yer going through hell, don’t stop, keep going.” I say when you are going through strife, issues, challenges, small, large, paramount or not, still keep an eye out for the angels who are there on the corners, at the next table, those who override the strife to defuse it, those who gather up rainbows and soft evening breezes, where a slight shift can help you see tiny, colored fairies flittering in the trees, […]


DIN  Many moons ago, I called up a company that sold books on the internet, someone told me you could get the best prices, and I needed to buy about 100 of the Goals books by Brian Tracy for an event I was doing. As the story goes, I picked up the phone and a very nice, very friendly, say distinguished man, answered.  He talked with such confidence I asked, “Are you the owner?” And he said, “Why yes I am.  My assistant is out, and I just like to talk with the customers, and stay involved.”  I asked what his name was and he replied “Charlie, Charlie Jones.”  And I said are you Charlie Tremendous Jones?” And he said, […]

Glee is the Answer!

Glee is the Answer!  Bliss is easy.  Ecstasy is but a moment’s notice, a slight shift in the plan.  Joy is a sunset away, a sunrise gathering up the dawn.  So this fine day, this cat-in-the-lap morning, why not take life from the smooth side of the handle, and let your bliss kiss the sky? The other day my team lost.  I had a football hangover.  Is there is a lesson here?  Maybe that there is perceived life and then there is real life, paramount, fractured, inspiring, deflating, with all the comedy and tragedy a person, a truth, a day can muster…it must be shared like skin tags, like tags on Facebook, like humor on a jazz-corner-night in front of […]

The Mundane, the Magical and the Actual

The Mundane, the Magical and the Actual Life is filled with the mundane, the routines, the ordinary, the tasks which must be done.  A list of things to buy at the grocery store, a place to reside in that is warm and safe and boring and lackluster and languid and yawning. Then there is the actual, that is like the bridge between what is and what can be, the footbridge between worlds, the tether between the magical and the mundane, where there is a soft rain, and a cigar, and a news headline, an old, lost flip flop in the snow in front of a liquor store, and a cat running across the street, birds flying over—the a beating of […]

Massive Action

Massive Action What if you took massive action toward your dreams, were in perfect harmony, were on fire, in peak states of performance, in super consciousness, and just went for it, for 30 days…didn’t look back, took steps into the night, the light, the infinite progression? What if, you kept saying, “What if?”  And began saying this and that, calling those and them and let the chips fall where they may…and all the while listening to your favorite music:  I Love Jamaica and Yellow Rose of Texas and became so passionate, so inspired, did so much, the world turned a little faster; you turned it up so high you went sky high, hung on by a tether from the Goodyear […]

You Are in Hog Heaven Everyday!

You Are in Hog Heaven Everyday! There is no heaven.  There is no hell.  There is just your relationship to what is…. But what is…is so powerful, is like, no as actual, real (no just like) and is connecting you to the infinite, so massive, so filled with truth it can change completely the way you look at…what is.”  And who you are…is the…“what is” by the way. For what is…is the vastness itself…as if being in the middle of the ocean: No lights, no land—just the sea—a sailor’s dream. What is…is your profound completeness of who you are, in the bliss of being and only an aware and acute mind, callipered mindset, belief-set, can perceive that you are inside […]

Clean Up What?

Clean Up What? In life, on this planning day, during your “free time,” which Andrew Carnegie called your “opportunity time,” when you want to get clear, clean and focused…what do you do? And what is it that you must be willing to do, willing to give up? Hey, I don’t know, I am just the one asking the questions here, right? Ok, let’s delve into this together: What is it you need to clean up in your life?  First, let’s start with your dreams? What is a dream anyway?  Is it not to materialize an idea that is floating around in your head, maybe lighting up your heart? Isn’t a dream something you want that when you achieve it, it […]