3 P’s: The Philosophy of Achievement

In life, in the success we seek, what if we simplified it all into three letters, three words, three ideas, that can encompass most all achievement and happiness; let’s say a roadmap, the GPS, a guiding light, the pointing toward and the indentifying of — how to get there from here. How to use here (right now) where you are, to get to there, the vision you have in your head. How to live the most spectacular life? I think in all streams of thinking, in all paradigms, categories and inlets into insight, there is always an overlay: An overlay that explains conservative or liberal politics, or those slippery independents. Seems there is always a constructed overlay on how to […]

Be Trust and Trust Will Appear #5037

In life, we must trust; but what does that really look like? What does it even mean? Trust in our fellow man, in the goodness of others? Trust in the relationships, in our people, our families, our trusted associates that we work with? Trust in our friendships? There is so much more to this idea of trust, as it can be expanded beyond the word, into a wealth of being, into a state of seeing, into a way of steeping into all that is magnificent and whole. Trust is one of those words used often, cursorily looked at, and believed, as most people (off the cuff) comment: “Oh, yes, I get it. I understand it. Sure that is obvious.” But is it […]

The Power of the Warm Smile

The Power of the Warm Smile To achieve mastery, to figure it all out, to add awareness as you see a flock of geese fly between buildings somewhere downtown, at dusk, maybe the greatest thing we really can do in this life is to share a smile. But there is an adding to and a subtracting from, this concept of — just smile.  Smiles can be divvied up, they can be short, forlorn, reactionary, up and down like stutter steps, or they can be warm and soothing like they should. Find the quintessential smile, the contagious one that is genuine and use it with love and wonder, with caring and concern, with elongated emoting, and you will gather more smiles […]