Wart Cream

How open are you to what is out there, like snake penis delicacies from China, like sipping tea from a saucer in Iran and throwing a piece of rock sugar under your tongue rather than stirring in a spoonful of the granulated stuff?   Keep an open eye for the scent of wart cream that fills the entire room of seven year old, who has a fat one right on the palm of her hand, got if from witch stories.             Crawl out of your hole, your timed existence and take a chance on a new idea, a vacation to the Amazon.  “Retire 5 years after you are dead.” said Warren.  Get married in Manaus and watch the Amazon run slow […]

Matching Frequencies

Your job in this life is to create massive success doing what you love to do.  So look to where you can match frequencies, attract the easy roads up ahead, watch someone, something, some event, a circumstance, an idea, an ideal grow into a physical reality.             “Everything you want, wants you.”  People want to play your game.  Circumstances want to form around the clarity in your head.  The open roads, the faraway dreams, these and those wishes are all gathering in your mind, in the forefront of your dream-states to create, to attract and bless the perfection in your head. Your dreams solidify in the bewitching hour where you have been burning the midnight oil, where you begin, one […]

Horehounds and The Baskervilles

       Have you ever thought that everything is a figment of your imagination?  Your bloodhound, your calico cat, your goldfish the size of a halibut, your seven year old Colorado kid, were all thoughts placed in the lap of luxury, the partitions in your mind, and have come out a gingerbread house, a clause in the contract between you and God, you and the world, the state of the union between you and Madame Butterfly, the lost boys and four-wheel toys and the state of your health?             You create what you anticipate: The red, white and blue flying over a Singapore lady who moved here after a stint in Dubai and loves America.             Your life is not mostly […]

“Think On These Things”

       This day, this glorious recurring moment, this dance between what is and what can be…why not watch carefully each and every thought you let cross the sanctity of your own mind.   Check your every thought at the door.             What is possible, what can be, what is enjoyed—all of it is decided upon in the fertile and fluid mind and how you chose to think, think about life, about how steeped in magic you would like to be.             So today is the day to power into a higher place, to see the end of the rainbow, to wonder and guffaw and lend a moment to stir your soul, to stir the pot, to rummage through the hourglass and […]

CelestialCelestial Thinking, Feeling and Seeing

Where are you today?  In the USA?  In India?  In Singapore?  Or are you amidst absolute cosmic realities/perfection…in a niche, between the far reaches of this universe, standing on the edge of wonder, and portal of worlds colliding: Many worlds theory, quantum perplexities, left over magic shimmering on a horizon near you? You are made of stardust and cosmic wonder, spun from celestial purple planets, spinning in a distance and gyrating organic imaginations.  You are beyond Pluto, seeking the outskirts, not of your town, or city, but the outskirts of a cosmic dance, a meandering, where other planes of existence are hanging in the balance, where beauty and awe and completely unfathomable occurrences dot the sky like 60 some odd […]

Focus Only on Opportunity

       In life, in your life, my life, isn’t it true that if we look continually to the mountaintop, we will climb that mountain?  If we ignore the negatives, then the positives always win out?  If we continually monitor our thoughts, choose the good ones, keep focused on what is possible, what is anticipated, expected, desired, then dreams actually will come true, worlds will align, mountains will move, the earth and the skies will open up and help us get to and toward and go in the direction of our highest aspirations?             What if today, we formed a new actual habit, all of us, kept our eyes on the prize, flew toward the sun, “became the changes we wished […]