Stand on the Edge of Your Dream

To rise above all comfort zones, to push the limits, to push the envelope, to delve into new territories, to accomplish new things…first comes the dream, the belief, the excited anticipation.  If you can image it, if you can taste the dream, if you can stand of the edge of a dream that has not yet arrived… and see it, believe it, smell it, realize it is already here, not in actuality, not in your physical reality, but in your mind first, in your belief-part of your own imagination first, then the universe starts unraveling, creating and laying the foundation for that dream that has already arrived, that is anticipated to arrive soon, in the wee hours of your fertile […]

Clean Out the Subconscious

There are things you are aware of, you and me, and things that we let sit somewhere in the unknown regions of our very minds, things that may be slowing us down, working against us, things, ideas, situations, where a part of our life is stuck in neutral, where a notion is kept secret in a crevice in the mind, where the conscious has no fingers, no hands to grasp, no way to release these limitations, and we simple live in states of subdued, unexplored misunderstanding.             Take heart in knowing, that we all can clean out the subconscious, change it, better said, replace the files and put in, affirm in, higher ideals, more empowering patterns, or ideals that can […]