The Value of Living Large # 5067

Get more done now. Believe in a bigger dream before dusk.  Surround yourself with powerful people before dawn. Get into something more comfortable like, oh maybe, the infinite universe you reside in. 

Keep pushing outward on the fringes of what you think you know, and the rest will be songs in the wind, light upon the new hours of the next sunrise. Believe you have a chance to win big, bigger than you have yet let yourself conceive: “Think so big is scares the doubt out of you.” Come on that is a good quote I just made up.

Go do some real big conceiving.  Contemplate the great.  Stretch your mind around the sun…a wrap around, an elongating projection.   Then you will begin to see how you have played way to small (so far) for your stature.

It is time to play with the big boys, to jump ship and swim to the shore of something exotic and magnificent.  Extrapolate everything you think you know (your truisms in limp mode) and extrude it all through the hourglass of an infinite mind (it is your mind too).  Push it through the lens of pure delight, inspiration, emotions let out to play along the edge of what were impossible just moments ago.

Yes, we are speaking to you; it is time, over due time (no, not in due time) to grow a fearless brain, to clamor for something you have yet dared to think, dream, believe in, to take action on right now. 

Why?  Because that is why you are a alive:  To experience more, gather in more, express more, run the bases, and slide into home and score (a grand slam) and win and leap for the spectacular.

Do it now.  Believe it now.  Achieve it now.  And keep all of the pure energy and inspired ideas flowing.  Cash in all your winnings at the back of casino. Walk out beating the bank, with alarm and awe and jaws dropping all over the place, because you now embraced the word, the word that was the favorite phrase of General George S. Patton, that let him get away with (shall we say) more than greatness: Audacity, Audacity, Audacity.

Do it with élan, with a song in your heart, with the belief that the gods are on your side. Yes, the teams are teaming on the outer edges of your larger dream.

Inspire one and all to follow their passions, to add their talents, to grow castles in the air, to leave the world breathless because they followed a fearless trail, adopted more vision, a keen sense of aspiration all the way to the end of the line, to the dream dreaming, to the vision of a hell of lot more than sugar plums.

Time is you leaving traces and clues, as your divine expression gets the job done, leaves magic dust behind.  Leave a hankering for even more, as you smoke a cigar, sip on some fine wine and watch the truth of focus and clarity as it forms the most magical realities like Disney World  thriving in the swamplands.

It is your turn, right now, to bloom, to soar, to become so much more than you have let your mind believe so far. 

Begin your quest instantly: “Let’s do something remarkable together.”— Jim Rohn.