The Power Of The Shy Moon

In the realms of divinity and nutmeg, where the silver, sliver fingernail moon hangs like an alarm in the quest for the hour, as the world hangs in the balance, the zoom and Zulus, where a fine line is discovered somewhere between the Sinai and Kilimanjaro, where you and the world unify in a cosmic leap (a quantum delirium), and absurdity doesn’t even get in the way any longer, because beauty and truth and good health and a fat purse and tapas served in a 100 year old hotel and everything, every moment, is that last chance to hear the music, to dance the jig, to lift thyne eyes up to the spiritual distinction that is everything, everywhere and every-when—anyway. […]

The Power to Inspire #5060

    Inspiration creates; it creates what you vision out, what you see in the invisible future; it gives you the right and permission to live an extraordinary life, to make a difference, to hold sacred this life, to smile all the while and share that focused purpose and meaning of life with others, and to encourage creation and to discourage negativity—to rise above circumstance and to give others hope, faith, options, opportunities that haven’t been seen or noticed or realized before.   To be inspired is to live your dreams, not in the future, but each moment, to notice the dream is happening, existing, pointing you in the right direction, this instant.   To be inspired is to work […]

The Power To Not Replay

            In our lives, we replay, remind, rewind our thoughts, mostly the same ones, mostly not empowering, then we get stuck in replay. So to change our worlds, we need to change our thoughts, the recurring ones, the ones that we believe too easily, the ones that put cattle guards, fences, walls, floodgates in our minds, and thus in our actions and thus in our most aspiring accomplishments that seem to not get done.             The power to stop the replays, to be aware, acutely aware of their subtleties, to be conscious of the influence of the nuance, the halting of what can be by sheer disempowering replays of what we habitually will let the mind think, decide, accept, and […]