Ask Not… Jan. 20th, 1961

In his famous speech, JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”    What if you and I applied this to everything we did?  Ask not what your company can do for you, ask not what your family can do, your spouse, your children, your business associates, ask not what anyone and/or anything can do for you, and get busy, doing for yourself?  “Get busy working harder on yourself than you do on your job,” said Jim Rohn, harder on yourself than you spend time in front of the TV, than you spend time on your computers, video games, on wasting time on all the newest electronics.  Ask not what […]

Setting Goals are Setting Dreams in Motion?

            Goals are visions of what can be; they can be renamed if you prefer: Dreams, visions, intentions, anticipations, missions, conceptions…or any other word that puts a positive spin on what you wish to do, have or be.             “Anything you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”   According to Napoleon Hill, who spent most of his adult life studying and interviewing ultra successful people.  Believe him!             So take the time, ink to paper, not on an electronic device, but in a paper notebook, and write down 100 goals, dreams, conceptions (your bucket list) of things you wish to see, to go from thought into—actually—appearing in your physical world.             Dream big, as if nothing can stop you, nothing […]

The Gift

What is your gift?  What is it that you have been given that will enflame a dream, inspire a kingdom, genuflect at the feet of Kings and Queens?             What are your gifts that graduate you from fledgling to master, from being taught to being caught as a seer in the mystery pervading?             What better questions can you ask of life, of existence, of what is happening, of adversity, of wealth, of society, of your own presence that hammers out a deal between the living and the ancestors?             What is your gift this day that will enhance every moment, that will soar, that will roar in your heart, that will contaminate cynicism, and lift you to the top, […]

My Real Goal For The New Year

Thinking about what I want, what things I wish to achieve in this New Year coming up, I must, as always, take a twist.  First, time is an illusion; there are really no new years—it is just an overlay that humanity has installed, placed over life, a recurring blissful dance between eternity and the corner store, between what is and what can be, and a comingling somewhere in the middle.             But, to abort theory and contemplation on these things, I would say that my goal for the New Year is to enjoy it all, to be happy, to be filled with song not sorry, to live above the waterlines, to emulate and contemplate and arrive at the simple conclusion […]

You Are in Wisdom Training

Why are you here?  What is this perfect day really for?  What discoveries will you make?  Who will teach you something?  What is the real purpose here, of your life, of living, of this spectacular day?  What do you really want to do with your life? Isn’t it about gaining wisdom, gaining perspective, learning to live in bliss, in states of gyrating ecstasy…where you notice and see the things you are looking for?  Where you get an insight?  Where you learn to not overreact, unless you just happened to get dumbfounded in the bewilderment, stuck in the awe, lost in the magic, left out to dry on a sunny day?             Believe that this very day, these strung together moments, […]

Be Alive: Move Mountains

Hey, I know this may sound obvious, but you are alive.  “There is no eternal reward for wasting the dawn.”—Jim Morrison.   Take everything you’ve got, all the enthusiasm, all the belief, all the wisdom and perfection and extrude that into a wry smile, a wonder why, a complete decision to succeed.   Be so filled with the love of life, with the persistence of 1000 days, with the resolve that all things roll out, meet you at the shore, all ideas and truths will become apparent.    Just fill your heart and mind and soul with the decision to live, to be filled with undulating bliss, the possibility of today, without cynicism, without a bit of doubt and your […]

The Riddle Makers

            How fun, how exciting, how twisted and replete are your moments that slide by your perceptions and deceptions and alignments with eternity, the moment that recurs, the days that transpire and regress, so that you go: “That is so cool.”             Well, the other day, my seven year old was telling me riddles, some that made no sense at all and I asked her pointblank, as I was driving down the 5 below frozen winter streets in Colorado, “Who makes up these riddles anyway?” And without hesitation, she smiles and says to me, “The riddle makers.”             Hmm, I thought, the riddle makers must be the same guys that live down the street from those quiet and solemn souls […]