The 7 Wisdoms of Living the Good Life #

 Isn’t your life about getting more wisdom, finding how to live the good life, the amazing life, how to saunter through, how to relish moments, how to show compassion, how to wander and wonder? The question? What really is wisdom?  How do you see it, realize it, become it, absorb it, embody it, and let it become who you really are?  Here are some wisdom ideas, backyard philosophies, that can be applied right now, today’s day, that’s money in the bank, that’s prosperity rolled up into harmonics, truths that govern the human condition.   #1: Enjoy it all.  No matter where you are, what your circumstance, you can enjoy more of each passing moment, each child’s smile, each opportunity you have […]

Get Hungry #5014

Are you satisfied, so comfortable that you forget to strive, to thrive, to reach for more, to have your dreams growl, so you know it is time to expand, to grow? “Go out on a limb for that is where the fruit is.” Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”—Will Rogers. Do you have a hankering for more, a gnawing on the inside that there can be more to this life, your life, to the day-to-day operations of who you have become, where you have let yourself remain, perhaps in a good place, like treading water in Maui, but you want to scuba dive, and there is a line of sight, a farther out, a vision unfulfilled, a […]

The Power of Your Thoughts #5012

What is the most powerful thing you can do, what is the single most powerful you, yes you and every other you, in this world have complete control over, of course, it is your thoughts. You know this, everyone knows the answer to this question, what really gets in your way, in the way of getting and achieving and creating whatever you want in this life?  I bet you might know it is not the government, not your lack of funds, not on your upbringing and past issues, not your family who did so much damage when you were a kid, not the schools, or your lack of, or too much indoctrination of education, not your job or your boss […]

Find Your People Today # 5010

 Who do you want to work with?  How do they act? What is there energy like?  How do they show up? What is their level of wisdom, of understanding, of expressing who they are?  You know your people immediately; continue to find the right fit for the value and commitments you have to your own brand of achievement and enjoyment.  Some people are from the same tribe, cut from the same cloth, they gravitate toward each other, they fly in the same sky, they dance along the edge of truth and wisdom and wonder, and ignite each other in the most divine and enthusiastic ways.  This is real.  Find them, believe you can attract them, and they will guide you […]

“Play With the Idea That it Might Happen”—Maxwell Maltz : Blog #5009

Do you not have more dreams and goals and things to do?  And what if, what if, just this day, for a few minutes this day, and tomorrow, and the next day, you would not dwell on what you don’t want, instead, anticipate what you do want?  How about turn it into a game, a “what if,” “act as if,” game, a “will happen soon” game, “I have already arrived” game.  “Why not toy and play with your mind.”  Play with a possibility.  Have something fixed in your mind: A wish, a dream, a vacation, a book to write, a certain amount of money, perfect health, the right person showing up, all is possible because you are willing to “play […]

Rapscallions, Surrealists & Verified Visionaries #5046

Be light on your feet, with a wry smile, rye whiskey, and a cigar in your trembling fingers, as you sort through all your April 1st and Halloween gags, and list them, in no apparent order, as you grovel for lost words in the misanthrope’s bag of tricks. Eat away the silent part of those burning-the-midnight-oil plans, and outrageous accusations against mediocrity and way too much pluralism these days.  Instead, find some kind of common ground in the living of the charmed life decidedly not afraid of too much adventure. Be willing to swill the best rum on some secret Caribbean island sandbar, call it, let’s say, Water Island filled with road turtles and golf carts and no damned golf […]

The Power of Power #5005

What is power anyway? Is it alarming newness, a uniqueness that gathers awe? Is it your ability to grow an idea into the physical world? Is it you being so intent on being you, so focused on a life of ascension that you overstep all boundaries? Power within, the kind of power that gyrates into reality, the power of who you are, what you can be, what is possible in your heart that is projected into a summer’s mist, that power that can engage and outrage, and we deem unstoppable and unanimous; this is the power that all humanity seeks, and has within, within arms’ reach, at your very fingertips, and it is a power that transforms dirt into sand […]