The Power of the Highest Game in Town

Today, this instant, let your awareness out, gather, pique, soar, roar and touch upon the truth, the most vital parts of who you are as it connects to all that is and ever was, the highest personal game you can play that is so far beyond happiness, so far beyond success, and having fun, so much bigger than your life, your dreams, your accomplishments. This game, this highest pursuit, or say instant realization that a single mind, a human soul, entity can engage in, can witness, can extol, is as simple as listening to the bells in the steeple, as profound as a sunrise, as exploding in meaning as a first snow, or first lightning storm of spring, or staring […]

The Power of The Rant and Rave

The Power of The Rant and Rave OK, so let’s start this thing, like driving along the west coast across and through the artichoke capital of the world, near San Fran, where the bridge shines golden as you tiptoe through the city to Marin county, where the birds attack in Bodega Bay and Hitchcock had damsels and dudes in building along the sea as gulls swooped down smashing into phone booths (do we even have those things anymore?) and you stop for an instant and you Howl like Ginsberg in 1955 and there started a mission into the 60’s a bend toward freedom and sipping on eternity and living behind the popular song, when music actually stopped wars and started […]